USG, Lacking Options, Puts In A Small Order For More F-15 Jets

The USG is beginning to order new F-15 jets after Boeing last fulfilled F-15 orders for them in 2004 (archived). The export market has kept F-15 production going, unlike the F-22 which was USG forbid from export leading to the loss of production capability after Hussein Bahamas went all in on the F-35, an aircraft which has yet to work for anyone other than the Israelis.

New orders for new F-15's are unlikely to exceed one dozen despite the stated motivation for the order being a refresh of the aging F-15C inventory together with the desire to have a higher weapon payload capacity aircraft to accompany the largely vaporware USG "fifth-generation" fighters on hypothetical missions. USG Airforce Chief of Staff presents the obstacle to greater investment best:

"We 'absolutely adamant' [sic] that the F-35 program, the program of record, absolutely stays on track and we don't take a dime out of the F-35"

So what if the USG's 'military edge' has decayed to the point they were just picked up and tossed against the wall by Iran? "The program of record" must go on!

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