Trump And USG Respond To Iranian Missiles With… SANCTIONS!

Democratically elected US President Donald Trump declared that the USG would do nothing more than impose more sanctions on Iran after Iran's Republic Guard fired ballistic missiles at two USG positions in Iraq. Despite years of US saber rattling against Iran, once Iran struck under their own national flag in retaliation for the USG's assasination of a beloved Iranian general inside Iraq's Baghdad International Airport, US President Donald Trump found himself sitting precariously on such a mountain of incompetents that he could only stand down today.

Iran's Republican Guard proudly announced that they had attacked USG positions under Iran's flag while claiming legitimate self defense under Article 51 of the UN Charter, and despite years of the USG not taking anything regarding the UN or other nations' rights seriously, the USG lacked any capacity to actually respond to being fired upon by another state actor. The former superpower was attacked by a smaller regional power, and all Trump could muster was bluster about "big missiles" while carrying on in action as though nothing happened.

2 thoughts on “Trump And USG Respond To Iranian Missiles With… SANCTIONS!

  1. Keks. Doesn't "to sanction" mean "to approve" in ustardian altlang ?

    • Just about. With Bibi having distanced himself from the USG's airport bombing… I suspect still deeper lulz along the lines piled up in the morning's logs are incoming. I was expecting Trump to give some orders to shoot something, but…

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