Entire Argentine Judiciary Paralyzed As Computers Stop Working For Them

Argentina's courts are paralyzed after the Lex100 system they use for everything stopped working six days ago (archived). This is not the first time the system has gone down (archived), but it is the longest time Argentina's courts have been without this one system they built everything they do around. This makes the pretense of Argentina having a legal profession still more laughable than it already was.

Argentina's current regime recently issued a "surprise" suspension of the "Ley de Economía del Conocimiento" issued by the previous administration to attract domestic and foreign investment into the impoverished country's information technology sector (archived). The suspension forced 11,000 registered businesses out of somewhat favorable tax and regulatory treatment and into the same "Fuck you, starve in solidarity" required for all Argentines. If action rather than incompetence is behind the outage, the list of suspects with potential motive could easily run into the six figures. Being Argentina, the strong assumption of incompentence leaves all possible failure modes as live possibilities.

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