Increasingly Chinese Berkeley Considering Appeasement By Chiseling Donor Name Off Building

Dean Erwin Chemerinsky (WoT:nonperson), a USG propagandist, has moved to change the name of UC Berkeley's Boalt Hall from that of its current namesake, John Henry Boalt (archived, archived). Elizabeth Boalt, whose husband was John Henry Boalt, an Oakland attorney and veteran of the War of Northern Aggression, donated a sizeable sum to the school after his death in 1901. A work by Mr. Boalt’s titled “The Chinese Question,” had helped serve to stop Chinese colonists, known for their exam taking abilities, from entering the US by bolstering support for the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. Chinese exclusion in the US survived through Franklin D. Roosevelt's 1943 Magnuson Act .

The move comes as the proportion of students with ties to the Communist Party of China exceeds 17% of the 2019 UC Berkeley freshman class, second only to white students whose population declined to 21% (archived).

USG, Lacking Options, Puts In A Small Order For More F-15 Jets

The USG is beginning to order new F-15 jets after Boeing last fulfilled F-15 orders for them in 2004 (archived). The export market has kept F-15 production going, unlike the F-22 which was USG forbid from export leading to the loss of production capability after Hussein Bahamas went all in on the F-35, an aircraft which has yet to work for anyone other than the Israelis. Continue reading

"Must Fix" Problems Plaguing F-35 Moneypit Continues To Be Blocking

$428 Billion US taxpayer dollars were shown to be hard at work in the annual report for the F-35 program annual report. U.S. "Defense" Department director of operational test and evaluation Robert Behler listed a number of serious flaws with the planes in his report, including guns that don't shoot straight failing to accurately engage ground targets, cracked gun housings, and at least 873 software flaws. The laundry list of issues were described as "must-fix" items before the F-35's upcoming $22 billion Block 4 "upgrade" phase can begin. (archived)

Drama Laden altcoin Forked Off Bitcoin Sees Hash Drop Leaving Long Wait For Blocks

A sudden 50% drop in hashpower on the BCH network this morning caused it to go 5.5 hours without producing a block (archived). Users likely didn't notice as the next block, 620026, contained only 2.3MB in transactions. The anomaly occurred just days after BCH communist party leaders announced, then seem to have rescinded, a plan to tax miners 12.5% of block rewards.

West Virgina Proposes Vexit To Virginians Angry Over Rule By DC Commuters

West Virginia's governor and legislature have begun inviting counties unhappy with the takeover of Virginia State government by DC commuters to join his state in secession (archived). A full 91 out of 95 Virginia counties have already passed resolutions declaring themselves "second amendment sanctuaries" or adopting some other status in defiance of Virginia's new political norms, and they did so before the armed march on Richmond (archived).

While the Pantsuitist "mainstream" is dismissive of the possibility, demographic shifts driven by USG hypertrophy have an unseemly vast geographical majority of Virginia governed by a headcount majority that unproductively sits around the USG's capitol supporting a plainly criminal enterprise.

German Reichbrew Sells

German authorities are fuherious over an allegedly neo-Nazi-labeled beer called "Deutsches Reichsbräu" (archived). While Nazi symbols are banned in Germany, the product's imperial eagle and iron cross are kosher under German speech restrictions at this time. Crates of the beer, marketed by former NPD state election candidate Tommy Frenck, were selling for 18.88 Euros.

France: Uniformed Firefighters And Riot Police Brawl

Firefighters is France brawled with riot police this week after being accosted during demostrations against French despot Macron (archived). The firefighters had been engaging in protest activities like wearing Joker makeup and lighting themselves on fire when a group of firefighters, tiring of seeing their compatriots getting roughed up by the cops, met police violence with firefighter violence. As is standard practice under Macron, police resorted to deploying chemical weapons against the civilian firefighters. Continue reading

OpenBSD Mail Server OpenSMTPD Allows Remote Exectution Of Arbitrary Shell Commands As Root

A remotely-exploitable vulnerability for OpenSMTPD, OpenBSD's mail server, present since May 2018, has been made public (archived). It enables an attacker to execute arbitrary shell commands with root privileges.

Notably, the proof-of-concept exploit makes use of routines which first made an appearance in the Morris worm of 1988.

Chinese One Dollar Bill Shipment Seized In Minnesota

A shipping container from China was seized by US Customs and Border Protection officials after it was found to contain almost 1 Million USD in allegedly counterfeit single dollar bills (archived). The container arrived via the International Falls port of entry in Minnesota holding 45 packages of dollar notes totaling $900,000. Secret Service agents congratulated themselves on keeping the money out of circulation and upholding their appearance of monopoly on printing approximately 6.6 billion increasingly worthless notes every year.