Pichiaje In California Up 16.4% In 2019

Per the USG's "Housing and Urban Development" office's own statistics, the number of homo sapiens deciding to idenfity as large, featherless, and flat nailed pigeons has increased 16.4% over 2019 (archived). As warm bodies continue crawling to KKKalifornia for the mild winters and the pretense of opportunity, the mass of bodies has found itself redundant. There's simply nothing in California that any of these bodies can do worth paying a single one of them enough to rent a bed.

Across the entire US, an increase of 2.7 percent in the featherless pigeon population is being claimed. As with the inflation scam, these "official" numbers should be assumed to understate the trend by at least a third and while the upper bound for error is multiple orders of magnitude.

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