Phillippines Bars Two US Pantsuitist Senators From Entry Threatens Imposing Visa Requirement On All US Nationals

Phillippine President Rodrigo Duterte's government has barred US Pantsuitist Senators Dick Durbin of Illinois and Patrick Leahy of Vermont from entering the Phillipines while further threatening to impose visa requirements for entry to the Phllippines by all US nationals (archived). The dispute is centered on the non-bailable arrest of former Phillippine Justice Minister Leila de Lima on charges that she abused her position to take payments from drug traffickers in return for her making drug trafficking easier.

The two Pantsuit Senators in question introduced into the USG's budget referring to de Lima's detention as "wrongful" and authorizing the USG Madame Secretary of State to bar arbitrarily selected Phillippine government officials from entry to the USG over their supposed involvement in the "wrongful" imprisonment. US Pantsuits adore de Lima for her Pantsuitist dedication to denying reality as a critic of Duterte's pragmatic government. In public Pantsuits fawn over her insistence that "killing is bad 'Mkay", especially if that killing isn't mediated by mountains of her fellow Pantsuits.

More importantly, USG Pantsuits are attempting to leverage this domestic Phillippine law enforcement matter to subvert Duterte's foreign policy pivot away from being a loyal USG vassal.  Duterte has been advancing a Phillippine foreign policy aligned with Phillipine, rather than USG, interests.

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