Pantsuit Nancy Shows Cold Feet After Pushing Through Impeachment – May Not Forward Impeachment To Senate For Trial

Pantsuitist US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed today that she is hesistant to forward the recently passed articles of impeachment to the upper chamber of the US Congress so that the Senate may conduct a trial (archived). Despite claiming the impeachment put spring into her step, she has reservations that the Senate can conduct a "fair trial" of democratically elected US President Donald Trump.

The term "fair trial" traditionally in the US refers to one that respects the constitutional presumption of innocence the defendant enjoys up until an actual conviction is delivered. In practice US law enforcement and courts have perverted the environment to the point fair trials are normally an impossibility. Only in the context of Pantsuitist hallucinatory insanity could "fair trial" be interpreted as referring to one that goes out of its way to entertain prosecutorial nonsense.

Playing coy with advancing the articles of impeachment to the Senate where 67 votes are necessary for conviction while Nancy's party controls only 47 seats suggests, the entire exercise was nothing but dumbass signalling from the start.

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