Kansas City Inmate's Drastically Inflated Property Tax Payment Refused By Whitney For Being Wrong Type Of USG Issued Scrip

An Inmate of Kansas City, Missouri who saw their local property tax bill skyrocket after gubmint assessors declared her land 135% more valuable this year than last has seen her intended payment of the tax bill rejected before she could issue it (archived). She had planned to pay with bill with 1,419 rolls of nickels weighing well in excess of a quarter ton, but "Jackson County Director of Collection" Whitney sent the inmate a letter saying the US currency was an unacceptable payment before she could even roll in the door with it.

Whitney's letter announcing zher intention to reject USG issued currency is reproduced in full below:

Dear Ms. Lockett,
It has come to my attention that you intend to pay your county property taxes using coins.
As such, I wanted to make you aware of state law and county policy regarding such
forms of payment prior to you attempting to make such a payment.

Missouri Revised Statute section 139.040, authorizes the collection authority to refuse
any form of payment presented for the payment of taxes. As such, it has been our policy
for many years that the Jackson County Department of Collection to not accept large
payments made using coins.

Payments of this type would require a significant amount of staff time to process, which
would result in substantial increases to wait times for other taxpayers. Accepting
payments of this type would prevent us from providing adequate customer service to the
many other taxpayers seeking assistance in making their payments.

In the event you choose to attempt to pay your taxes in such a manner, the payment will
not be accepted and you will be asked to either provide another form of payment or to
step aside so that we can assist the next taxpayer. It is my hope that this information will
be received by you in such time that you can avoid any such inconvenience.
As a reminder, the same statute provides that non-acceptance does not relieve your
obligation to pay any amount due by December 31 st .

Whitney S. Miller
Director of Collection, Jackson County, Missouri

Never mind the time cost that the "Jackson County Board of Equalization" inflicted on Inmate Lockett. The "Jackson County Director of Collection" Whitney refuses to let the inmates inflict time costs on her.

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