Armed Texan Kills Would Be Mass Shooter In Church, New York Incident Ends Differently

Over the weekend West Freeway Church of Christ received a visitor during their Sunday service who proceeded to walk to the front of the room and open fire, his shooting was cut short by an armed Texan in the audience (archived). The incident left 3 dead including the attacker. An event the night before in New York played out very differently.

Harlem's own Grafton Thomas walked into the Monsey, New York home of a Rabbi while bearing a machete which he used to injured 5 in what the mainstream press is calling a "stabbing" attack (archived). After attempting to gain entry to a neighboring synagogue, the black american attacker managed to drive himself back to Harlem covered in blood and bleach before being captured alive. Officials in New York government are attributing blame for the attack to "white nationalism" and "hateful Trump rhetoric" despite 19 consecutive acts of violence against New York and New Jersey Jews having all been carried out by Black American antisemites. Conspiciously absent are the militant white nationalist/supremacists engaged in violence that the US mainstream media would prefer to cover.

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