Airstrip One: Labour Party Suffers Greatest Collapse Since 1935, Unlikely To Recover

Elections in the British Queendom have delivered the Labour Party's greatest loss since 1935 as the Tories take 364 seats in parliament to Labour's paltry 203. Other parties managed to grab 82 seats with the separatist Scottish National Party taking 48 seats on their platform of divorcing the Queendom. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has stated his intention to step down early after the Tories captured seats from working class strongholds that tradtionally voted Labour. As in the US, working class voters in the UK appear to have soured on Left parties as the onward march of Pantsuitism is evermore removed from anything they can relate to.

A far smaller number of traditionally Tory districts were won by the local labour candidate in rare situations where an absolute majority of the vote was split between Tory and Brexit Party candidates. This election's results give incumbent Prime Minister Boris Johnson a mandate to Brexit in the manner of his own choosing. The election also serves a stark rebuke to former prime minister Theresa May's wing of the Tory party which failed to Brexit after taking the verbal output of their Labour rivals and a hostile media seriously.

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