USG "Embassy" In Iraq Beseiged By Locals Unhappy USG Won't Stop Bombing Iraq

After the USG conducted bombing raids inside Iraq's borders, a number of Iraqis have beseiged the USG "embassy" and have entered the "green zone" (archived). Despite Dubya Bush declaring "mission accomplished" and Hussein Bahamas "withdrawing US troops", the USG's insistence on continuing to conduct combat and bombing operations inside Iraq doesn't sit well with Iraqis. It doesn't seem to sit well with the "democratic" government the USG insisted on installing in Iraq either. They seem to increasingly view Iran as a more important regional partner than the USG ever was. Continue reading

Armed Texan Kills Would Be Mass Shooter In Church, New York Incident Ends Differently

Over the weekend West Freeway Church of Christ received a visitor during their Sunday service who proceeded to walk to the front of the room and open fire, his shooting was cut short by an armed Texan in the audience (archived). The incident left 3 dead including the attacker. An event the night before in New York played out very differently. Continue reading

Iran Conducts Joint Naval Drills With China and Russia In Gulf Of Oman

Holding its own against periodic USG, British, and Israeli invasion threats, Iran has begun conducting joing naval exercises with Russia and China in the Gulf of Oman (archived, archived). After a series of tit for tat ship captures that resolved in Iran's favor, USG threats of the sort that lead to Dubya's Iraq misadventure and Hussein Bahamas' collected "Spring" misadventures appear increasingly empty when it comes to Iran.

Philippines Bars Two US Pantsuitist Senators From Entry Threatens Imposing Visa Requirement On All US Nationals

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's government has barred US Pantsuitist Senators Dick Durbin of Illinois and Patrick Leahy of Vermont from entering the Phillipines while further threatening to impose visa requirements for entry to the Philippines by all US nationals (archived). The dispute is centered on the non-bailable arrest of former Philippine Justice Minister Leila de Lima on charges that she abused her position to take payments from drug traffickers in return for her making drug trafficking easier. Continue reading

Kansas City Inmate's Drastically Inflated Property Tax Payment Refused By Whitney For Being Wrong Type Of USG Issued Scrip

An Inmate of Kansas City, Missouri who saw their local property tax bill skyrocket after gubmint assessors declared her land 135% more valuable this year than last has seen her intended payment of the tax bill rejected before she could issue it (archived). She had planned to pay with bill with 1,419 rolls of nickels weighing well in excess of a quarter ton, but "Jackson County Director of Collection" Whitney sent the inmate a letter saying the US currency was an unacceptable payment before she could even roll in the door with it.

Whitney's letter announcing zher intention to reject USG issued currency is reproduced in full below: Continue reading

Alphabet's Youtube Takes Down "Bitcoin and Crypto" Videos Before Quickly Restoring Them As Irrelevant

Alphabet's Youtube subsidary briefly removed large numbers of "Bitcoin and cryptocurrency" videos after designating their content "harmful or dangerous", but the bulk of the videos were eventually restored per Forbes. Perhaps they were clued into the complete irrelevance of the content they were hosting, which sums to less than nothing. What else could be expected of a platform dedicated but streaming petabytes of data on the wire to dubiously convey centibytes of infomation to the gigabyte.

Media Derps Blame "Russian Bots" Over "Film Franchise" Collapse

The "mainstream" pantsuitist media derps who attribute Hillary Clinton's election loss to unclearly defined "Russian Bots" on social media have now begun trotting out that excuse with regularity to cover for all manner of inconvenient facts. With Disney's latest installment in one of their Fantasy/SciFi tentpoles vastly underperforming expectations at the box office, media pantsuitists have taken to attributing the failure to the film's producers taking "Russian bot" critiques of the previous installment seriously (archived). Nevermind the possibility consumers are rejecting the product because it simply isn't good. Sorry for your bots.

USG Hypes Operation Delivering "Gifts" To Troops In Syria As All Mentions Of Withdrawal Apparently Lies

Despite the withdrawal of USG troops in Syria being loudly announced several times only for "withdrawal of troops from Syria" never actually meaning that in the plain sense, the USG is touting the alleged success of "Operation Holiday Express" (archived). Despite USG military capability falling to the point it can only play at projecting power through deploying its troops as human shields with the limited effect of prolonging conflict between active parties, the USG appears to be doubling down on its attempts to warfight through spending on moral, recreation, and welfare.

Naturally the USG's ability to carry out this sort of image campaign has declined substantially from Dubya Bush bringing professional wrestling to Baghdad shortly after his invasion to this year's enlisted band and church donation box offerings (archived). Increasing expenditures and years of "progress" are showing markedly reduced USG capacity even when it comes to producing targetted propaganda for their captive audience back home.

Trump Signs Bill Vastly Increasing US Military Personnel Costs As Capability Keeps Declining

With his signing of the "2020 National Defense Authorization Act" democratically elected US President Donald Trump has enacted several structural changes to the way US military personnel are compensated (archived). Among the costlier changes: Continue reading

Uncaring Markets See US Dollar Fall Against Peso Uruguayo And Brazil's Real While Peso Argentino Will Not Stop Shitting The Bed

Today saw the US Dollar fall against both the Peso Uruguayo and Brazil's Real with the dollar dropping more than one percent with respect to Uruguay's wholesale interbank rate compared to Friday (archived). Since Argentina's new criminal government was installed this very month and went on to pass an "Emergencia Econ├│mica" law, uncaring markets have taken the Peso Argentino down to 76.75 for a single dollar at the market determined "blue dollar" rate.

The Argentine goverment is claiming to sell dollars at both a "wholesale" rate of 60 pesos to the dollar which they don't while they have started actually selling dollars at a "solidarity" rate 30% higher than their entirely hallucinated "wholesale" rate. This Argentine reinvention of the "convertible ruble" was initially proposed with the "tourist dollar" label and comes as Argentina once again is selectively defaulting on its debts.