Now Fetid Cesspool Of Spam And Malware, like its other free to "all comers" predecessors, has now fallen into use as a favored platform for spreading spam and malware payloads (archived). From Google's blogspot through Automattic's, to all of the various social media watermelon fields, no platform free to all comers has managed to avoid this fate. Some bleed more trying to clumsily stop the flood than others.

5 thoughts on “ Now Fetid Cesspool Of Spam And Malware

  1. They'll see the light and switch to writing farticles on mp-turdpress any day now.

  2. No, shitface, they won't do that. What they'll do instead is join the chorus of cripple fucks whining about how nobody can accuse them of not being just like me.

    You didn't invent that, you know. You're just some shitface-come-lately to the longest ongoing party in the history of the world, it was happening in cesspools before they started building sewage pipes.

    Now get the fuck lost in your sulkhole for another few years, then come back like maybe nobody remembers you're not on your own power worth the cost of a decent burial. Who knows, maybe that time the world will be more amenable to shitfaces ? "You never know", right ?

  3. Dear Mirko, pretty please, do not get upset! You are not getting any younger and stress can be bad for the heart. We want to keep laughing at your futile attempts at life for many years to come, you windbag you.

    • Maybe start building your own platforms for the laughing. Establish your credentials as a pointer of things to laugh at? Who knows, maybe you build a following? The guy you seem so intent on needling appears by all measures to be having a great time running around Europe and having his girls pick him up girls as he puts work into spreading his sexual revolution.

      The unrepentant anon thing with all of this work hosted in the comments on other people's blogs… it seems to have a cap on how much leverage you can get out of it.

      • Hello Aaron. Did the thought cross your mind, that I do not want to build my own platform? Not when you have comedic ones such as one here already set up for me! Albeit poorly maintained, my needs are ascetic. I do not need social affirmation from random lowlife derps, so no need to keep a following of Instagram fools. What running around Europe with girls are you on about? Oh, you mean those two pigs? Now that you have mentioned it, that is ripe to be reported to some animal rights group, perhaps they would feel interested in following up on that. It would be a show.

        Now shut the fuck up you fifthly alcoholic.

        Mirko, to put your speculation to rest, I am as Romanian as the dog that fucked your mother.


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