Chile Cancels APEC Summit Over Transit Fare Rebellion

Chile has canceled the APEC summit they were scheduled to host after persistent riots erupted following a transit fare hike (archived). APEC is not to be confused with ASEAN, a reliable source of lulz during the Hussein Bahamas administration. China was tentatively scheduled to undertake some sort of negotiation with the USG at the canceled summit.

US Court: Family Not Entitled To Compensation After Police Destroyed Home Pursuing Shoplifter

The US 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has determined that victims of the local police's destruction of their home are entitled to no compensation at all for their home's reckless destruction by police. An alleged shoplifter unrelated to the home's owners attempted to use the structure as shelter to evade police after he allegedly shoplifted two belts and a t-shirt from a Walmart. With their quarry cornered, the local police spent 19 hours assaulting the structure with repeated strikes from an armoured vehicle and expended more than 72 chemical weapons and smoke munitions ultimately leaving the structure a ruin.

The Court's decision is reproduced in full below: Continue reading

US Federal Reserve Commits To Making USD Still Cheaper

In an 8 to 10 vote, the US Federal Reserve Board of Governors has decided to lower their target federal funds rate offered to select, friendly "depository institutions" all the way down to the 1.5 to 1.75 percent range (archived). The USD had began this week falling versus the Peso Uruguayo despite a lack of local central bank action to push this movement (archived).

USG Claims ISIS Leader Body Dumped Into Ocean

The USG and its democratically elected President Donald Trump are claiming to have killed an ISIS leader in Syria and disposed of his body via oceanic dumping. Little supporting documentation for the claims have been offered beyond a photo of a dog with an unreleasably classified name allegedly injured during the operation and already returned to active duty status.

Argentina And Uruguay Go To The Polls

Today half of the unsuspended members of Mercosur are conducting national elections. Argentina is expected to conclusively deliver their government to Peronismo. Uruguay is expected to set a presidential run off for November 27th while composition of the legislature will be determined though the outcome remains difficult to project due to a lack of quality polling. In the probable event Uruguay's left receives a disappointing result, a rainy overnight forecast is likely to put a damper on the potential for any immediate civil disorder.

Only Anti-War US Presidential Candidate In Contested Primary Quits Congressional Race Despite Long Odds

US Presidential candidate and active national guard officer Tulsi Gabbard has ended her congressional re-election campaign in order to focus on the presidential race (archived). Despite consistently low polling to this point and her lonely position as the only anti-war candidate in this cycles contested US socialist party primary, recent attacks on Gabbard delivered by Hillary Clinton have finally brought attention from the US "mainstream" media to her campaign. The field at present is otherwise crowded with largely identical candidates.

Iraq Pleas For International Assistance Removing US Troops Following Syria Withdrawal

Iraq has begun issuing pleas to International bodies for assistance in removing US troops that escaped Syria by entering Iraq (archived). Iraq gave the US permission to have their troops enter Iraq under the limited condition the troops were escaping danger in Syria and once safely in Iraq the troops would begin onward travel out of Iraq. Public statements from USG stooges declaring their intent to use Iraq as a safe haven to continue mounting operations in Syria must be very disturing to the Iraqis that merely offered a humanitarian transit option to a beaten force.

KKKalifornia Freshman Pantsuit Congresswoman Caught Breaking New House "No Sex With Staff" Rule

Katie Hill, a freshman congress critter sitting in the vice chair of the "House Committee on Oversight and Reform" appears to have flagrantly violated a rule passed in February 2018 forbidding members of the House from sexing the staff (archived, archived). The no sex with staff rule as passed by the then GOP dominated house in response to the #metoo moral panic. Katie Hill of the Hill is alleged to have maintained sexual relations with at least two staffers, one of each sex.

Her present occupation of the Vice Chair of the particular committee she does further complicates internal USG power struggles playing out.

A circulating yet multilated photograph of an adult woman alleged to be the congresswoman grooming her subordinate in the nude is presented below:

Allegedly nude congress critter grooming subordinate