NYSE Parent Begins Trading Bitcoin Futures Introducing New Volatility

NYSE parent Intercontinental Exchange has begun trading Bitcoin futures from Bakkt yesterday (archived). Microsoft and Boston Consulting Group are also involved in the instrument. The contracts promise physical delivery of Bitcoins, but it remains to be seen how seriously anyone involved in this particular market is going to investigate the sincerity of the delivery claims. This new source of volatility has seen fiat/Bitcoin interfaces reporting substantial volatility with today's manifesting mostly in a downward direction.

This move opens up lessons in Bitcoin prices and inflexibility to a whole new class of trader.

2 thoughts on “NYSE Parent Begins Trading Bitcoin Futures Introducing New Volatility

  1. Seems like the empire's plan is still to try and chip away at the exchange rate by introducing paper promisetronium into the market, as was successfully done to e.g. gold.

    Re: delivery — will also be lulzy if turns out that chumps will be forced to accept settlement in forkcoin or whatever "I Can't Believe it ain't BTC!" pixie dust. (As already happened with the Goxees.)

  2. Pretty much exactly the idea.

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