Massachusetts Mayor Busted For Extorting Bud Dealers Seeking Legality

Twenty-seven year old Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia is accused of extorting bribes out of cannabis businesses seeking to do enter the incredibly restrictive legal retail regime implemented in Correia's turf (archived). Among the various demands issued by Correia was a bribe of half of his own chief of staff's salary in exchange for their retention of that job. Correia is one of three Democratic Party candidates facing off in a primary election September 17th while his case isn't set for trial until late February 2020.

The combination of the ease with which massive amounts of potent cannabis buds can be grown along with the restictive regulatory regimes imagined by various fiat sovereigns makes this a particularly fruitful avenue for sovereigns in their own heads to milk suckers looking to enter the regulated market.

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