British Gibraltar Releases Iranian Tanker Over US Objections

The Iranian tanker captured by British forces and held in the Queendom's Gibraltar has been released (archived). The USG tried to intervene by having the US "Department of Justice" file a petition with local authorities to seize the vessel for themselves. That effort failed.

One thought on “British Gibraltar Releases Iranian Tanker Over US Objections

  1. Some logquoting's in order I guess.

    mp_en_viaje get ready for a lot more "over usg objections" once Trilema opened the floodgates.

    mp_en_viaje ("oh but mp, it wasn't TRILEMA that opened the floodgates ; they just opened coincidentally". "really bitch ? and back in 2014, when you were supposed to show me your tits, your optionality was pushing you to nonsense arguments like "bitcoin is doomed" and "mp is in imminentdangerz" ? da fuck happened, treason never prospers because if it prosper we'll just call it coincidence ?)

    mp_en_viaje schmucks.

    Dues due where they're due, not where cockpuppet thinks it'd prefer to pay them.

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