Extreme Police Violence Brought Down On Woman Accused Of Hacking "Capital One"

Thirty-three year old Seattle area woman Paige Adele Thompson was captured by USG forces during a paramilitary raid involving 10 USG militants armed with automatic weapons and wearing camoflage (archived). Surveillance camera footage from the single story house Paige occupied with her roommates has been shared with local media outlets.

The USG's publicly disclosed evidence in the case consists of the same VPN having been used to take Capital One's data as was used to log in to her Gitlab account. From this it follows the VPN service, probably advertising how incredibly "private" its service is happily playing State's witness.

Israelis Enthusiastically Burning F-35's Stealth Window With Strikes, Now In Iraq

News is emerging that Israel is enthusiastically exploiting the fact they were the first to deploy US made F-35A fighters in combat by launching strikes in Iraq (archived). While the F-35 program has been an absolute boondogle for the US, for Israelis the F-35 program has allowed them to be the first to fly this particular stealth attack aircraft in anger. Doing so they enjoy the advantages of its stealth before the ongoing collection of radar data negates its present advantage over air defense systems.

While the US cut Turkey out of the F-35 program over the NATO ally's purchase of Russian made S-400 missiles fearing Turkish operation of the jets near Turkish radar pickets will generate Russian data allowing better identification of the F-35 as an air defense target, Israel's ongoing airstrikes on foreign soil are generating the same sort of data and incentivising the development of F-35 countermeasures. With the problems everyone else is having bringing their F-35's operational, it is possible the Israelis may be the only ones to enjoy use of the F-35 as a steath aircraft. Once again history rhymes.

20 years of development time and 1.5 trillion USD in IOUs burned so some Jews can bomb some warehouses in the desert.

10th, 11th US Military Personnel Deaths Of Afghan War's 18th Year

The Office of NATO's "Resolute Support" mission today announced the deaths of two members of the US Military in Afghanistan (archived). Details of circumstances surrounding the deaths beyond these being numbers 10 and 11 on the year have not been released. Despite the US war in Afghanistan approaching its 19th birthday and Osama bin Laden having been killed more than 8 years ago on May 2nd, 2011, the USG shows no sign suggesting an end to its bleeding of lives and treasure into this particular hole. This war has also survived the loss of the Taliban's Mullah Omar, with the late Mullah living out his last days a mere 3 mile walk from a US military outpost.

Canadian Old Woman Tries To Sue For Mousetrap Ban On Behalf Of Mice

Retired lawyer and old woman Sandra Schnurr has filed papers in an effort to sue several Canadian retailers to stop the sale of glue traps on the behalf of rodents (archived). Ontario Superior Court Justice Lorne Sossin should issue an opinion in the coming months as to whether Schurr has standing to litigate on the behalf of actual rodents incapable of requesting or desiring her representation.

It is not improbable that Canadian Law becomes burdened with precedent declaring meddling old women welcome to declare themselves "representatives" of any other party without regard for the "represented" party's desire for such a thing.

Ransomware State Of Emergency In Louisiana

A state of emergency has been declared in Louisiana as numerous municipal governments are being struck by crippling ransomware infections (archived). Local government organs have found themselves being stuck since the ransomware phenomenon was in its infancy, but it appears ransomware artists are increasingly favoring local governments as targets due to the fact they that they pay. More often than not they pay because they can't imagine not paying, and for as long as it lasts an insurance policy will reimburse them.

Failures to pay tend to be limited to openly dysfunctional municipal governments like Detroit and Baltimore. Suburbs and other municipalities that desperately want to put on their appearance of functioning well despite their obvious failures in technological hygiene. This avenue of capital flow out of the fiat system is likely to continue intensifying until the fiat side system enabling it breaks.

West Bank Palestinians Suspend All Agreements With Israel Over Demolitions

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas announced today the suspension of all agreements between his West Bank government and the Jewish State (archived). The suspension comes after Israel bulldozed a number of structures on the Palestinian side of the border for being "too close" to the border. In recent years the West Bank Palestinians have enjoyed marginally better circumstances than their compatriots in the Gaza Strip concentration camp. That window however appears to be closing as Israel moves to normalize their oppresion of the West Bank to Gaza strip prison camp levels.

Obama Worm From Brazil Eating Its Way Through Spain

Native worms and snails in Spain are finding themselves falling prey to the invasive Obama flatworm from Brazil (archived). The Obama flatworm presents two traits that make it a truly destructive invader. It's a generalist predator happy to eat whatever invertebrates present themselves in the local environment, and the Obama worm itself has an awful taste which discourages native potential predators from hunting it.

FSB Contractor Reportedly Breached, Alleged List Of Projects Circulating

Sytech, a contractor for Russia's FSB has reportedly been breached and an alleged 7.5 TB document dump has been placed with the British national broadcaster BBC and other Western propaganda outlets (archived). Projects Sytech was allegedly working on for the FSB include social media surveillance, tor user identification, and keeping a Russian internet online in the event the rest of the internet goes to shit. The hack is being attributed to the online handle 0v1ru$ and a group calling itself "Digital Revolution" as headlines about the hack are priviledging the existence of a project to counter the US Navy Tor network over everything else that may or may not be in the dump.

The possibility that the labels 0v1ru$ and Digital Revolution could be fronts for a state actor appear to be absent from mainstream reporting on the issue. With the print space dedicated to using hypothetical "Russian Influence" and "Russian Hacking" to paper over the femstate's own failings, the absence of speculation over a potential state actor contributing to the leak is suspect. Then again, the headlines are hyping "attack on Tor" rather than "Russian conspiracies confirmed" at present.

Panama Disowns The Other Tanker Seized By Iran

Panama's maritime authority has begun the process to withdraw their flag from MT Riah, the other vessel that Iran seized last week (archived). They cite their own investigation into the ship as revealing the vessel to have violated numerous international maritime rules, and they stopped just short of endorsing Iran's seizure of the ship bearing their flag. The mounting evidence suggests that Iran's case for seizing ships is far stronger than the British case for seizing ships, independent of the tit-for-tat element. As tensions between Iran and Anglophone rogue states build, Iran's meticulous approach to aligning their responses to international norms once pushed by the rogue states themselves is going to further strain the Anglophone pretense that what they are doing is "world policing" and not international terrorism.