Argentine Fuckup Leads To Power Outages In Argentina, Uruguay, And Parts Of Other South American Countries

Argentina's EDESA fucked up their transmission interlink bringing power from Paraguay's Yacyretá dam leading to a casacade of failures that caused nationwide outages in Argentina and Uruguay with partial outages in most neighboring countries (archived, archived). The outage began 7:02 local time (UTC -3) and Uruguay's national electric utility UTE had restored power to most of the country within a few hours. Service restoration in Argentina has been slower, except in Tierra del Fuego which avoided the outage with its own generation facilities and separation from the rest of Argentina's electric grid.

Paraguay, where the Yacyretá dam is located, is a massive exporter of hydroelectric generated power to the region with most of its output being bought by Brazil. Uruguay exports electricity to Argentina. Argentina is a major net importer of electricity, buying substantial amounts of power from its neighbors.

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