Mexican Troops Draw Weapons, Make US Soldiers Their Bitch On US Side Of Rio Grande

A handful of Mexican troops operating on the US side of the Rio Grande drew weapons on two US soldiers in a border patrol vehicle and disarmed the US forces on what is nominally US soil (archived, archived). The US military and Department of Homeland Security have allegedly requested an "explanation" from the Mexicans.

MBA Grad Takes Revenge On Alma Mater's Computers With USB Device

Vishwanath Akuthota, a 2017 MBA graduate of the College of Saint Rose in Albany returned to the school this February to bring his vengance to the school's computers (archived). Akuthota used a commercially available USB Killer device to fuck some shit up as he filmed himself using the device. The device took the 5 volt USB power output to charge its reserves and then delivered a -220 volt discharge, repeatedly. This attack vector works on any device too lazily and cheaply engineered to include surge protection for both positive and negative voltages built into the USB ports.

Akuthota is allege to have caused ~60,000 USD in damage.

Committed To Form: Tripoli Issues Arrest Warrant For Apparent De Facto Sovereign Haftar

The US/UN backed "government" in Tripoli has issued an arrest warrant for leader Khalifa Haftar who has lead a campaign capturing much of the country (archived). Haftar's forces have kept the "Government of National Accord" in Tripoli under fire for the past two weeks. Six of Haftar's officers have had arrest warrants issued for launching airstrikes at "government" positions. Issuing arrest warrants in the face of airstrikes and an active seige demonstrates a strong committment to Pantsuitist form on the part of the National Accordist government as well as a lack of… actual national accord.

Europe Today: "Brexit Party" Moving To Win UK Election For EU Parliament, Notre Dame Apparently To Remain Ruins

Macron Ready to get BLAKKKED The "Brexit Party", Nigel Farage's successor to the UKIP, is moving experiencing polling movement that suggests a win in upcoming European Parliament elections (archived). These EU elections happening after the Brexit deadline but before the new Macronist, maybe Brexit deadline.

Meanwhile French Despot Macron is promising to rebuild Notre Dame in only five years while making the landmark construction "more beautiful" ensuring future visitors will only ever be able to view the Ruins of Notre Dame. With the investigation ongoing, arson speculation is being branded "conspiracy theory" material in mainstream Pantsuitist venues despite the recent trend of church arsons and desecrations in France (archived). A Google censorship tool flagged footage of the Notre Dame fire as "9/11 Conspiracy" content as well (archived).

Sea Is No Escape: Thai Navy Pursues Couple For Constructing And Settling Offshore Platform

The Royal Thai Navy is pursuing local woman Supranee Thepdet and her gringo spouse Chad Andrew Elwartowski for aggression against Section 119 of Criminal Code involving:

any acts that cause the country or parts of it to fall under the sovereignty of a foreign state or deterioration of the state's independence (archived)

The couple is alleged to be plotting the birth of new nation on their 6 meter wide floating platform parked outside of Thai territorial waters yet within a portion of the Thai Exclusive Economic Zone the Thais claim is a critical route taken by oil tankers on their way Phuket. Thai law offers sentences of death or life imprisonment for violations of Section 119.

The couple are not defending the sovereignty of their offshore "seasteading" platform. Beyond what they aren't doing their location is unknown.

Google Hit With Multi Million Dollar Cleanup Fee After Withdrawing Experimental Fiber Service From Louisville

Google's experiment in deploying a city wide fiber optic network through road "nano-trenching" has left Google paying Louisville 3.8 million USD to clean up the mess (archived). The project involved placing fiber optic cables 1-2 inches deep in road surfaces throughout the city and covering the trenches with an epoxy mix. The experiment showed tires are adept at tearing the epoxy out of road surfaces receiving any appreciable traffic.

Google insisted on the shallow nano-trenches over more proven depth and cover combinations despite objections on Louisville's part. The objections were overcome by offering Louisville the opportunity to take part in the experiment or get no Google fiber network at all (archived). Now the city has no Google fiber network, an ongoing hazard on its roads, and an agreement from Google to pay only a portion of the experiment's cleanup costs.

Notre Dame Spire Collapses, Latest In A Recent String Of French Church Fires

The iconic Cathedral of Notre Dame is burning and the spire has collapsed. This is the latest in a recent string of fires at historic French churches. France's second largest church after Notre Dame, Saint Sulpice burned in an arson on March 17th, the Catholic holiday of Saint Patrick's day (archived). The fire at Notre Dame striking during the Catholic Holy Week may be a coincidence, but presenting the fire as an accident in the current environment would be a very hard sell.

Meanwhile on the secular front, this past weekend the Yellow Vest movement was once again violenced by French despot Macron for a 22nd consecutive week (archived). John Bolton has yet to propose a regime change intervention in France.

After Sentencing Brits Reveal They Tried And Convicted Alleged "Dread Pirate Roberts 2"

The Brits have announced their 5 year, 4 month prison sentence for 24 year old Thomas White while also announcing that what they tried him for was alleged service as Dread Pirate Roberts 2 of Silk Road 2 (archived). No announcement with the arrest of what the arrest was actually for. No announcement for the trial or conviction. Another day, another secret trial in the Commonwealth.

Assange Supporting Activist Arrested In Quito

Swedish pro-Wikileaks activist Ola Bini was arrested in Quito, Ecuador for allegedly engaging in hacking (archived). Bini was arrested at the airport where he intended to catch a flight to Japan. Instead Ecuador is keeping Bini in preventative detention for 90 days to give local prosecutors time to try selling a story with a plot involving Bini and unidentified Russians planning to steal embarrassing documents from Ecuador's current President Lenin Moreno for public release.

It remains to be seen how many other heads the criminal USG will try to collect from Ecuador after paying a 4.2 Billion dollar bounty for Assange.

Pantsuitists Flaff In Outrage Over Trump Administration Proposal To Concentrate Costs Of Pantsuitist Migration Policies In Pantsuit "Sanctuary Cities"

Pantsuitists are up in arms and crying scandal over a proposal which would have, and may yet sent detained migrants awaiting court hearing to cities adopting "sanctuary" policies protecting undocumented migrants (archived). The same Pantsuitists opposed to any restrictions in movement for the world's poor and who further adopted legislation with the apparent aim of attracting the world's poor to municipalities under their control… find preferentially busing migrants released from detention to the cities with laws on the books welcoming them to be a bridge too far. Shouldn't they be competing to maximize the share of the world's poor headed their way?