Google Hit With Multi Million Dollar Cleanup Fee After Withdrawing Experimental Fiber Service From Louisville

Google's experiment in deploying a city wide fiber optic network through road "nano-trenching" has left Google paying Louisville 3.8 million USD to clean up the mess (archived). The project involved placing fiber optic cables 1-2 inches deep in road surfaces throughout the city and covering the trenches with an epoxy mix. The experiment showed tires are adept at tearing the epoxy out of road surfaces receiving any appreciable traffic.

Google insisted on the shallow nano-trenches over more proven depth and cover combinations despite objections on Louisville's part. The objections were overcome by offering Louisville the opportunity to take part in the experiment or get no Google fiber network at all (archived). Now the city has no Google fiber network, an ongoing hazard on its roads, and an agreement from Google to pay only a portion of the experiment's cleanup costs.

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