World's Top Bridge Player Suspended Over… Doping???

The world's number one ranked Bridge player Geir Helgemo has been suspended from competition until November 20th after testing positive for synthetic testosterone and clomifene during an event in Florida last year (archived). While this sort of doping may not appear to be very relevant to competitive play in this card game, the World Bridge Federation let itself come under the purview of the International Olympic Committee and the World Anti-Doping Agency rules that come with trying to make a card game more Olympic. Thusly if you want to play in World Bridge Federation competition, you have to submit to drug testing like the track and field athletes.

7 thoughts on “World's Top Bridge Player Suspended Over… Doping???

  1. Right ? And the inenarable schmuck submitted to the indignity. Because submitting to arbitrary femstate indignities is a free option menalone can just write themselves, or "if you've got nothing to hide you've got nothing to fear" as it's called in-universe.

    Really, they should cut his balls off. Let the punishment fit the crime.

    • >… the female fertility drug clomifene…

      >… they should cut his balls off…

      Already off, seems ?

      • Nah, they use that one to keep their balls inflated when fake testosterone supresses their own testosterone production.

    • Seriously. It's a game and you're the best. Make them come to you. Back when Kasparov and Kramnik were the best at chess, the FIDE had nothing to do with the world title. One reason for this was the FIDE kept trying to derp their way into mommy IOC embracing them.

      Now… the FIDE applies the anti-doping wank and some particularly derpy derps want to ban caffeine…

  2. Let's use wikipedia for its only utility : obscure sports.

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