USD Woes: Benjis Outnumber Singles And Almost Entirely Outside US Borders

CNBC decided to sound the alarm over the proliferation of 100 USD notes as the dominant manifestation of the USD altcoin in physical form (archived). These notes, affectionately referred to as Benjis are the most commonly printed currency by the US and the vast majority of them, to the tune of 80% by popular citations, circulate outside US borders. CNBC reports that the US treasury indeed makes a higher profit margin selling Benjis than any other note they print, and that a whole lot of benjis ended up abroad as part of the US's ongoing southwest Asia misadventures.

CNBC also mentions former Obama treasury chief Lawrence Summer's objection to the existence of Benjis for their potential to facilitate corruption while at the same time failing to connect that to their earlier mentioning of the USG dumping pallets of fresh Benjis into southwest Asia and everywhere else the US clumsily misadventures.

3 thoughts on “USD Woes: Benjis Outnumber Singles And Almost Entirely Outside US Borders

  1. Refute this masterplan:

    >USG prints money
    >USG uses printed money to dump Bitcoin
    >price crashes and hashrate goes down
    >Donald Trump tweets "Bitcoin is for criminals, banned"
    >price crashes even harder
    >miners keep going bankrupt
    >hashrate keeps going down
    >the network is now 51%'eable
    >price crashes even harder
    >confidence is now permanently lost
    >the empire has now defeated Bitcoin and USD becomes even stronger

    You cannot win! God bless America.

  2. USG is already printing money to "dump" Bitcoin — as a result ~dollar~ prices crashed and the USG economy went away.

    There's nothing to refute, you just misformulated some lines.

    • Let's say the USD dies and BTC wins, then so what, there will be world war 3 probably with nukes and shit. Putin is on record saying "a world without Russia is not a world worth living." Im sure same mindset applies for USG and China as well. Empire's egos would rather blow up earth than admit defeat. BTC will win but we are f*cked nonetheless.

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