Indian Licenses Russian Assault Rifle For Domestic Production While US Scolds Pakistan Over Potential F-16 "Misuse"

The two south Asian giants in a hot border dispute are enjoying very different relationships with their major foreign arms suppliers. Indian managed to sign an agreement with Russia allowing them to produce more than 700,000 AK-203 assault rifles to replace their current standard issue INSAS rifle (archived). The move is being hailed as an end to the hunt to replace INSAS which disappoints in many of the environments where India needs the rifles to be used.

Meanwhile the US State Department is investigating whether Pakistan broke a clause in their F-16 purchase agreement which supposes that Pakistan needs to ask the US for permission before deploying the fighter jets in any situation where they might be useful (archived). For this reason Pakistan is producing and deploying Chinese designed JF-17 fighters to complement/replace their US made F-16 fleet. Pakistan has already lost one of their F-16 fighters in combat against Indian MiG-21 fighters during this conflict (archived).

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