Hate, Strife, And Hate Strife: A Week In Review

Macron Ready to get BLAKKKEDThe Southern Poverty Law Center has fired co-founder Morris Dees while murmuring something about misconduct (archived). Originally founded to assist black Americans in the southern US, over the years its mission has shifted to forcing outlaw status on vaguely right wing groups through an ever expanding definition of "hate" as the ratchet tightens.

In this 18th week of Yellow Jacket protests against Macron, police violence has been met with violence (archived).

A young Australian man in Christchurch, New Zealand walked into a couple of Mosques to play first person shooter irl. The shooter used a GoPro action camera to record his attempt at beating Anders Behring Breivik for the high score and published a manifesto. Both are being censored on popular Social media platforms. Various fiat sovereigns are threatening criminal charges for their subject caught sharing the video and manifesto. Both can be downloaded via torrent.1

In response to the shooting Australian Senator Fraser Anning of Queensland offer a statement which included:

However, whilst this kind of violent vigilantism can never be justified, what it highlights is the growing fear within our community, both in Australia and New Zealand, of the increasing Muslim presence.

For his statement Anning was struck in the back of the head by an assailant armed with an egg as he was speaking in public. The aged Senator struck back at his assailant with two punches that stunned, but failed to incapacitate his attacker.

  1. There is a very well seeded torrent available at this magnet link, but be aware that the torrent protocol cannot be considered properly hygenic:



6 thoughts on “Hate, Strife, And Hate Strife: A Week In Review

  1. Check the video: At timestamp 8:32 the shooter is picking up an ammo clip.
    Now scroll to timestamp 6:53 when the shooter enters the mosque FOR TEH FIRST TIME. Why is the clip already on the ground? Do ammo clips normally lay around in a mosque at fridays prayer? And why the heck has the victim who is crawling on the entry floor white socks while dying and blue socks when the shooter returns?

    It's a black op. The goals are obvious: Disarming the populace and having christians and muslim hate each other. Why? Well, which group does this kind of stuff for 1000+ years and profits the most?

  2. You know it's possible he did what any sane infantryman does (since the "und jeder grenadier kriegt sechzig patronen" days at least), which is to say dropped his ammo at his feet ; and that wouldn't necessarily have been caught on camera.

    Try it sometime! It's always best to try dubious things out! You never know what else comes out.

    • Swapped the socks on the corpse also? (Which infantry trick is that?)

      • I have nfi, I've not watched the item. Nor likely will I, because I can't possibly be arsed with this novel bullshit. I keep a dedicated station for playing video, and it will only play footage with a known and responsible author, not random snippets of shit nobody fucking filmed specifically, let alone edit and sign on. And I will not admit degradation of my quality of life, either, in order for a minute of footage to waste a minute of my life it must, it MUST be the end product of hours upon hours of professional labour. I'm not taking something some rando "filmed" while he was really doing something else and watching it, the relationship is one (me) to many (them), not one (him) to many (inter alia, me).

        In which vein the whole discussion flew, from my pov : I am displeased with the original moron because the only use of his useless life is to put in those hours of professional work to turn this piece of shit into something that might interest me ; but instead of this only possible utility he goes about adlaing all over the field, trying to re-enact the original misguided idiocy whereby he's what, gonna make some idiotic ideal object while "doing something else" and Ima spend my time with it as if I have nothing else better to do ?

        No such luck ; let the schmuck forget about his "oh so clever" strategy of "interpreting the pixels" from a safe distance. Let him go out of the fucking community dwelling he squats on, let him go put in the fucking work, let him have better fucking criticism and better fucking commentary, and maybe then I'll give a faint whif of a shit. Maybe.

        As it is, his approach fails, and it fails utterly and fundamentally, here as well as everywhere else. This moron is, when not pestering us with clueless bullshit, sitting around trying to come up with ways to alter the eternal "hey, wanna go out for a drink ?" into some different shape that will, by its shapely magic, make the woman say yes. Because totally, this is a problem encountered in reality whereby a woman that was into you will go "oh, you know what, I was totally into you but since I already had some coffee and that's precisely what you offered Ima have to say no". What the fuck works like this, besides the inane if imbecilling mental world of overgrown bois who imagine they'll attain some sort of power in the relationship between events and themselves through careful "interpretation" ? (This, of course, admitting against all probability that he's not sitting there A/B testing "dominant male" profiles he copy-pasted from other dorks just like himself.)

        I don't give a shit what color some schmucky kid saw. For all I care it is a different set of feet, or zombie socks turn blue, or the day is Thursday. It is indifferent. Come hell or high water, "pepe the dork" will NOT be able to attain any kind of power in the world. None. No type or sort, none whatsoever. His effort is sterile, stays sterile, and no matter what he says or how "his" "saying" seems to correlate with something you saw will ever change this.

        That'd be all.

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