US Faces Rising Sex Inequality With 1/4 Of US Men Not Getting Any During 2018

Data coming out of the United States suggests record high numbers of adult males not having sex with a full quarter of the adult male population failing to fuck at all in 2018 (archived). The number rises to nearly 30% for men under 30. The same investigation suggests only 18 percent of females failed to get at least one dicking.

Not Much Brexiting On Brexit Day As Brits Still Wanking Over How To Brexit

With Brexit Day winding to a close the Brits are still wanking over how exactly to Brexit with Parliament voting "no" leaving with a deal and leaving without a deal. Theresa May is calling for a fourth vote on her "soft Brexit" deal thrice rejected in parliament next week, should her government survive that long. Once again modern democracy inteprets a simple proposition, in this case "leave the EU", as anything but the actual fucking words.

EU Mandating Speed Naggers In All Cars By 2022

The European Union has passed a measure requiring cars to be fitted with a nagging speed nanny systems by 2022 (archived). The naggers will import speed data from the vehicle's GPS reported location as well as from a forward pointed camera intended to read speed limit signs. During the first implementation phase driver's will be able to over ride the system and disable it, though every time the vehicle starts the nagger will be enabled by default. Eventually EU social engineers have expressed their hope that with continued exposure to the nagger, they will be able to remove the allowance for its disabling. Mandatory pre-wiring with a harness to allow installation of alcohol interlock devices without further vehicle modification is included in this nanny state measure as well.

Post Brexit Britain will also suffer imposition of the naggers as well under its current transportation regime thanks to the eagerness of bureaucrats to agree to absolutely anything at all, so long as they have an opportunity to agree to something.

Rescued Migrants Hijack Commercial Vessel At Sea

The commercial vessel Elhiblu 1 rescued 108 migrants and was hijacked by the same after the the mass of humanity pulled from the sea discovered the ship would be taking them back to Africa rather than onward to Europe (archived). This is not the first time helpless African migrants turned violent against their maritime saviors after discovering their rescuers logistics conflicted with their wishes.

British Soldier Faces Charges Over Friendly Fire In Video Game Exercise

A British soldier assigned to 3rd Battalion, the Rifles faces charges after allegely opening fire on friendlies during a video game training exercise (archived). The soldiers had allegedly been spending weeks in front of laptops working on drills in a video game environment deprived of fresh air and the physical exercise that comes from doing field exercises in the field. Eventually one member of the unit snapped and began engaging in Grand Theft Auto style freeplay on the British military co-op training server. The rifleman was reprimanded after the "exercise" and has been charged with disobeying orders.

Chicago Drops All 16 Felony Charges Against Hate Hoaxer Jussie Smollet

All 16 counts of felony disorderly conduct in the case of Jussie Smollet scamming two Nigerian brothers to stage a hate hoax have been dropped. Smollet agreed to forfeit the 100,000 10,000 USD bond he posted for pre-trial release though all parties involved insist that the bond forfeiture was in no way related to the cessation of prosecution. The potential still exists for the USG to make a federal case out of the affair.

Ross Ulbricht remains in prison on a sentence that the USG would like to see end only with Ubricht's own death, the imposition of the sentence was abetted by his own legal counsel.

EU Parliament Endorses New Copyrasty Regime

The European Union parliament has passes a measure "reforming" their copyrasty regime to include upload filters, licensing mandates, and possible link taxes (archived). The European council will consider the measure April 9th. If passed by the council, EU members will be compelled to adopt the new copyrasty regime in their local laws or leave.

USG Leveraging Discord In The Home To Disarm Americans, Illinois Moving Ammo Serialization Bill Through Legislature

USG prosecutors are increasingly turning intra-marital disputes into federal cases for the purpose of disarming American males (archived).

Meanwhile, Illinois is looking to test legislation mandating serializing handgun ammunition with no grandfather clause allowing private possession of ammunition purchased before the serialization requirements go into effect (archived). The text of the proposed bill singles out .22 caliber rimfire ammunition as subject to the serialization requirement, and each round of traditional unserialized ammunition would count as a seperate offense. This is a serious problem for target shooters who buy .22 long rifle by the 500 round brick. The full text of the Illinois proposal scheduled for a hearing in committee tomorrow is presented below: Continue reading

Turmoil Continues At SLPC Hate Organization As Departures Continue

The embattled hate organization calling itself the "Southern Poverty Law Center" is looking for a new president and a new legal director as departures continue (archived). As the hate organization finds itself increasingly the defendant in court as opposed to aggressing and filing amicus briefs, inconvenient stories attributed to insiders are making the rounds including consistent reports of pervasive colorism with a plantation style split between poorly paid dark skinned clerical workers and higher paid, light skinned "leadership" in their own organization.

Macron Order French Soldiers To Join Police For 19th Week Of Yellow Jacket Protests With Authorization To Open Fire

Macron Ready to get BLAKKKED In prepartation for the upcoming 19th weekend of Yellow Jacket protests, Macron has ordered French soldiers to support police with authorization to open fire if "lives are in danger" (archived). Macronist forces will attempt to deny the Yellow Jackets access to the Champ Elysee.