Ohio Teen Sues Washington Post For 250 Million USD In Damages Over Harassment Campaign Spearheaded By Organization

Ohio highschool student Nicholas Sandmann is suing Jeff Bezos' Washington Post for a quarter billion USD in damages over a harassment campaign spearheaded by the organization aimed at demonizing the teenager (archived). The amount of damages being pursued happens to coincide with the amount Bezos paid for the Washington Post organization. Sandmann's face and personal information including where he attends school were repeatedly published by the Washinton Post alongside accusations Sandmann is literally the face of evil in America (archived):

Ask just about anyone who is not straight, white and male what they see in that smirk and you’ll most likely open up a world of hurt. Memories of continual bullying and other abuse at the hands of entitled men and boys who weren’t or never feared being held accountable. For my friend Jeff Krehely, executive vice president of the Roosevelt Institute and an openly gay white man whom I consider one of the generals of the LGBTQ civil rights movement, ‘the smirk” was too much.

Sandmann doesn’t think he has anything to apologize for, nor does he believe he did anything wrong. Fine. I can understand why. But until folks like him bother — for even just a minute — to see how their own actions are perceived and compound pain, these racial Rorschach tests will keep happening. More smirks, more confrontations, more division.

A professional activist of advanced age got in the kids face. The kid politely smiled in an absurd situation. The Washington Post organized a campaign of harassment, demonization, and hate against this particular kid based around nothing but their own insecurities and projections.

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