Another Week, Another US Hate Hoax As LGTBBQ Activist Torches Own House Killing Pets

Nikki Joly, a trans activist in Michigan, is alleged to have burned down her own house and killing her pets in the act due to burning resentment that other people stopped being motivated to engage in activist activity after an "equal rights bill" was passed in the state (archived). Joly won the 2018 MLive1 Citizen of The Year award (archived).

Meanwhile Jussie Smollet, the Chicago actor who hoaxed his own lynching, has only accumulated more aggro after more details of his operational failings have leaked. When it came out that Jussie paid his Nigerian co-conspirators with a personal check for their role in the hoax, his employer began writing him out of the tv series from which Jussie drew his income. For having carried out his hoax, Jussie acquired a national media profile he previously lacked. For ineptly carrying out the hoax, he has acquired a national profile as a barely functional retard.

  1. A media marketing and content farm operation focused on Michigan things.  

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