India And Pakistan Exchanging Fire

India and Pakistan are exchanging fire over their mutually disputed territory of Kashmir (archived). So far Pakistan is holding one captured pilot from India after downing two Indian planes which were allegedly striking targets on Pakistan's side of the contested territory. Both combatants are "liberal democracies" with parliamentry systems of goverment in the British tradition.

Cuban People Overwhelmingly Vote To Preserve Single Party System In Exchange For More Socialism

A constitutional referendum in Cuba passed with 86.85 percent of ballots in favor, 9 percent opposed, and 4.5 percent of ballots blank or spoiled.1 Opposition to the new consitution is being portrayed in the Anglophone press as not a preference for the old consitution, but a dislike for the crowd in power, who will remain in power under the new structure (archived).

As in democratic Venezuela and everywhere else, entrenched socialism polls very well among those dependent on it.

  1. Does "your" democracy report this last category of ballots or do they engage in voodoo to "intrepret the voter's intent" Florida style?  

Another Week, Another US Hate Hoax As LGTBBQ Activist Torches Own House Killing Pets

Nikki Joly, a trans activist in Michigan, is alleged to have burned down her own house and killing her pets in the act due to burning resentment that other people stopped being motivated to engage in activist activity after an "equal rights bill" was passed in the state (archived). Joly won the 2018 MLive1 Citizen of The Year award (archived).

Meanwhile Jussie Smollet, the Chicago actor who hoaxed his own lynching, has only accumulated more aggro after more details of his operational failings have leaked. When it came out that Jussie paid his Nigerian co-conspirators with a personal check for their role in the hoax, his employer began writing him out of the tv series from which Jussie drew his income. For having carried out his hoax, Jussie acquired a national media profile he previously lacked. For ineptly carrying out the hoax, he has acquired a national profile as a barely functional retard.

  1. A media marketing and content farm operation focused on Michigan things.  

USG Baits Child Porn Enthusiast To Plea Out For Money Laundering Over 0.06 BTC

A defendant in a Child Pornoraphy case, Brian James Laprath, has been offered a plea deal which will record a conviction for "money laundering" rather than downloading child pornography. Laprath bought Bitcoin off of a US based "exchange" and sent some 0.06 Bitcoin to a tor-based child pornograpy market where he then downloaded some videos. At some point US "law enforcement" perverts captured control of the site. The US Attorney's filing makes a big deal about Laprath sending "financial instruments" to South Korea, while Laprath and the USG counsel at his side appear to have simply been very happy to sign any papers at all to avoid a child pornography conviction. Nevermind in those same papers the right to resurrect the child porn charges at anytime is reserved by the US Attorney.

The papers are reproduced below not because the derp signing the papers is interesting, but to illustrate the USG's wishes and aspirations for Bitcoin: Continue reading

Venezuela Closes Borders And Further Cuts Diplomatic And Political Relations With Colombia

After closing the border with Brazil earlier this week, Venezuela has now closed its border with Colombia and further severed diplomatic and political ties, expelling Colombian embassy staff (archived). Venezuela's government is resisting efforts by the US departments of foreign meddling to build out destabilizing logistical infrastracture under the pretext of delivering humanitarian aid. While closing the border with Brazil, Venezuelan military forces reportedly engaged in a firefight against adversaries seeking to keep a border crossing open. The opposing force allegedly engaged during the firefight is being meme'd in Anglophone mainstream publications as "unarmed indigenous activists" (archived).

Advertisers Flee Youtube After Pedophile Commenter Ring Exposed

Numerous "family friendly" advertisers have ceased spending on Youtube after the fact numerous Youtube users had been using videos featuring children as a sort of "soft core" child porn, this is in contrast to the "hard core" child porn produced and consumed by US "law enforcement" (archived). Apparently someone pointed out to Disney and Nestle that their ads were appearing with content that showed children "compromising positions" to the adoration of the Youtube commenter community.

This happens to coincide with Youtube moving to demote popular content they describe as politically "questionable", something they have not done with content softly sexualizing small children.

US Pantsuit Precandidate Damned By Father For Stereotyping Jamaicans

Kamala Harris, the current Pantsuit frontrunner for the opportunity to challenge US President Donald Trump in the 2020 election, has been damned by her own father over statements slandering the Jamaican people as prolific smokers of cannabis flowers (archived). Kamala's father Donald Harris stated to a Jamaican news outlet:

“My dear departed grandmothers(whose extraordinary legacy I described in a recent essay on this website), as well as my deceased parents , must be turning in their grave right now to see their family’s name, reputation and proud Jamaican identity being connected, in any way, jokingly or not with the fraudulent stereotype of a pot-smoking joy seeker and in the pursuit of identity politics. Speaking for myself and my immediate Jamaican family, we wish to categorically dissociate ourselves from this travesty.”

Kamala is presently pursuing a campaign strategy of politely asking the US "Will you pretty please let me be your cool mommy?" She smoked/smokes weed and everything.

USG/Alphabet/Google Claim They Intended To Declare Secret Microphone's Existence, Actually Waited Until Other People Found It, Now Attempting To Spam Over Their Treachery

USG.Alphabet's Google department is trying to issue an apology for equiping a "home security" product marketed by their "Nest" brand with a secret, undeclared microphone (archived). They are claiming the secret surveillance microphone wasn't supposed to be a secret. After other parties independently discovered the microphone exists, Google quickly moved to enable intentional interactions on the part of the purchaser with the microphone and quietly updated all their marketing materials to acknowledge the microphone's existence.

Ohio Teen Sues Washington Post For 250 Million USD In Damages Over Harassment Campaign Spearheaded By Organization

Ohio highschool student Nicholas Sandmann is suing Jeff Bezos' Washington Post for a quarter billion USD in damages over a harassment campaign spearheaded by the organization aimed at demonizing the teenager (archived). The amount of damages being pursued happens to coincide with the amount Bezos paid for the Washington Post organization. Sandmann's face and personal information including where he attends school were repeatedly published by the Washinton Post alongside accusations Sandmann is literally the face of evil in America (archived):

Ask just about anyone who is not straight, white and male what they see in that smirk and you’ll most likely open up a world of hurt. Memories of continual bullying and other abuse at the hands of entitled men and boys who weren’t or never feared being held accountable. For my friend Jeff Krehely, executive vice president of the Roosevelt Institute and an openly gay white man whom I consider one of the generals of the LGBTQ civil rights movement, ‘the smirk” was too much.

Sandmann doesn’t think he has anything to apologize for, nor does he believe he did anything wrong. Fine. I can understand why. But until folks like him bother — for even just a minute — to see how their own actions are perceived and compound pain, these racial Rorschach tests will keep happening. More smirks, more confrontations, more division.

A professional activist of advanced age got in the kids face. The kid politely smiled in an absurd situation. The Washington Post organized a campaign of harassment, demonization, and hate against this particular kid based around nothing but their own insecurities and projections.