Trump Cancels Pantsuit Vacation Party

As the partial USG shutdown continues, US President Donald Trump informed opposition party leader Nancy Pelosi that she and her partisans would be unable to take a group vacation to Belgium, Egypt, and Afghanistan using military aircraft while the partial shutdown continues (archived). Yesterday Pantsuitist Pelosi had threatened Trump with the prospect of being disinvited from delivering his State of the Union address in front of the lower legislative chamber she controls. She suggested President Trump instead submit his address in writing or reschedule it after the shutdown ends.

If the shutdown continues past 30 days, it is possible furloughed federal employees may be laid off and subject to reduction in force procedures. At present communications from the Office of Management and Budget say their present interpretation of the spirit of the statute is that it applies to planned rather "emergency" furloughs, but as always policy is subject to change.

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