Forkcoin That Split From Bitcoin Now Struck By Contentious Hardfork

The failed Forkcoin referred to as "bitcoin cash" has been hit by its own contentious hardfork. A Roger VER-ified1 client called ABC decided to implement new rules from an "official roadmap" while a client backed by notorious fraudster Craig 'Hoaxtoshi' Wright decided not to. As of this writing one chain has more blocks committed than the other, but the clear losers appear to be all parties involved in this dispute including those furthest on the periphery who let themselves become affected by it through failing to appropriately discount the deficits in credibility attached to the folks positioned as "leaders" in this incredibly sour and bitter wank competition.

  1. In a legally and morally dubious move Roger Ver's mining pool redirected hash power subscribers intended to aim a mining actual Bitcoin to instead prop up his favored side of the Forkcoin.  

4 thoughts on “Forkcoin That Split From Bitcoin Now Struck By Contentious Hardfork

  1. CSW he will kill BTC by the end of 2019 due a segwit bug.

    • Segwit is not a Bitcoin thing. It's a bit of weird that some marginal folks patter around with because they happened to find a way to sort of make it work with the Bitcoin blockchain, provided the miners cooperate and some other bug doesn't kill it.

      No segwit bug can kill Bitcoin. It can only kill segwit, but probably not forever because stupid has infinite hitpoints. It will however make the Segwitists poorer.

  2. Top keks. Seriously, USG still pushing ~that~ thoroughly assraped tard ? What the fuck happened to "the Toomim brothers" or whatever other handpuppets ?

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