Alleged CIA Leaker Schulte Alleged to Continue Leaking USG Seekrits From Jail

Joshua Schulte, whom the USG alleges was the party responsible for liberating the "Vault 7" lulz showing that in the post-Snowden era the CIA moved to do all the sames things USG.NSA was criticized for, faces fresh leak charges relating to his effort to assemble a legal defense against the USG's charges (archived). The USG alleges Schulte leaked from his current residence at the New York Metro "Correctional" Center what the stooges are referring to as "Protected Search Warrant Materials" while Shulte is complaining to the judge assigned in the case that his ability to raise a defense is being impaired. This raises serious questions concerning how much the pretense of due process for criminal defendants has crumbled if discussion of process documents like the search warrant are blocked from discussion.

Schulte was only indicted in the case after months of whispers concerning how the case was too weak to bring an indictment. This circus suggests the USG's ability to handle defendants that don't roll over and take plea deals is rapidly degrading.

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