Feds Issue Fines And Cuffs To Older Black Men And Their Handlers Over Endorsement Deals

Older Black men retired from combats sports have been targeted in a phishing scam perpetrated by the US Government. Among those targeted for USG extortion letters are Evander Holyfield and Floyd Mayweather. The handlers who initially milked these elderly black men are being targeted by the USG with handcuffs and extortion letters of their own (archived).

USG Issues Sanctions Against Two Bitcoin Addresses

The US Treasury Department's "Office of Foreign Asset Control" has targeted two Bitcoin addresses as a part of of their efforts to sanction Iran (archived). This incident highlights the abject incompatibility of the criminal organization calling itself the United States Government and the honest Bitcoin network. The criminal organzation, which is absurdly claiming it can have an office for the purpose of controlling foreign assets in foreign lands, is trying to say our Bitcoin network far above their criminal reach must change its rules on their say so just the same as any other bum asks your favor with nothing to offer but more asks.

Update: Transactions were sent to the "sanctioned" addresses despite impotent proclamations.

64 Year Old Woman Jailed In US Over Cotton Candy, Released Months Later

A woman in Georgia was jailed on a 1 million USD bond for suspicion of trafficking methamphetamine after Monroe County sheriff's deputies found old crystalized blue cotton candy in her vehicle (archived). A roadside test made by Sirchie Acquisition Company suggested to the deputies that the mass of sugar and dye could, be methamphetamine. After the Georgia Bureau of investgation finally ran a more rigorous test on the substance months later it was determined to not be meth, but it still took a further two weeks for the elderly woman to be released from jail.

Node.js "event-stream" Library Added Bitcoin Wallet Stealer After New Maintainer Takes Over

The "popular" node.js "event-stream" library was loaded with a module stealing from Bitpay's Copay Bitcoin wallet after creator and longtime maintainer Dominic Tarr handed maintenance over to an unknown identifying itself with the text string "right9ctrl" (archived). Before the handover right9ctrl made a couple of contributions to event-stream building rapport with Tarr. After getting the keys to the repository right9ctrl added a dependency in event-stream on a new "flatmap-stream" library which had been distributed in an encrypted form, which should itself have been a warning if anyone had been bothering to read code they run. Instead it took two months for supicions to emerge.

Bitpay's Copay wallet used the even-stream library, and Bitpay was not involved in raising the alarm over this grave subversion of their product.

Tensions Heat Up In Europe After Ukranian Ships Seized While Aggressing On Kerch Strait Bridge

Two Ukrainian vessels were seized by the Russian Navy after the erractically maneuverng ships aggressively approached the Kerch Strait bridge without providing advanced notification required by a 2003 treaty between Russia and Ukraine (archived). Russian personnel treated Ukranians wounded in defense of the 18.1 kilometer long bridge. Ukranian President Poroshenko has responded by declaring martial law while Hawks in NATO governments has proposed opening hostilities outside of the Syrian proxy war sandbox. Russian influenced media outlets are supposing that if a new Crimean war breaks out, it will be the last (archived).

France Erupts In Violent Anti-Macron Protests

France has errupted in protests against their elected president Macron. Mainstream sources are characterizing the protests as being centered around fuel prices though a cursory scan of banners being held by "yellow jacket" protesters present in photos by these same organizations suggest deeper disatisfactions are involved (archived).

IEEE Journal Announces 29 Article Retractions Without Identifying Articles

The "Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers" announced their retraction of 29 articles published within the past two years in their journal "IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility" (archived). Curiously the withdrawn articles are not identified. The IEEE is pinning the retractions on some sort of misconduct involving three volunteer editors, also unnamed, who the group saw fit to bar from further membership. Apparently in US Academia's post-post modern age enumerating problems is fine, but naming them is not.

Gavin Quits And Disbands His Proud Boys After FBI Terrorist Classification

Vice Magazine cofounder Gavin McInnes has quit and effectively disanded his "Proud Boys" after the FBI moved to classify the group as a right wing/white supremacy terrorist organization. The group known primarily for its ethnically diverse membership styled itself as a self improvement and self defense club for men, but fell into trouble with "law enforcement" for defending themselves against less capable aggressors during protests.