EU And Obsolete WWII Era Pantsuit NGO Call For Crackdown On Programs Easing Voluntary Migration Of High Value Immigrants

The European Union and OECD1 are trying to rouse up outrage over programs that provide a paths to citizenship in return for financial investment in the immigrant's new homeland (archived). The Pantsuitists are crying that these programs present a threat to "European Security" because they allow anyone with enough money a route to becoming "European", which is they suppose is a thing terrorists want to do.

While the Pantsuits attempt to villianize these voluntary and mutually beneficial programs, their promotion of human trafficking in concert with regional and municipal level re-settlement quotas betrays their complete lack of fucks to give about "European Security"… for any reasonable definitions of security.

  1. A pantsuit NGO started after WWII initially directed towards rebuilding Europe which now bullies independent nation-states with "Lets get along"-ism and promotes pathological "people pleasing" type behaviors at the expense of the quality of life experienced by actual persons.  

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