Anti-Trump Wop Trolled Into Championing Fake Accuser, Troll Job Then Exposed

Wop anti-Trump attorney at lol Michael Avenatti was trolled into championing a fake accuser of Trump nominee Brett Kavanaugh only to have the troll job exposed (archived, archived). Before the troll job unravelled Avenatti was hounded by pantsuit media outlets because his alleged accuser had not gone through the proper pantsuit channel which involves being pulled out of Diane Feinstein's rolodex.

Since Trump nominated Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court, Pantsuit Senator Diane Feinstein has unveilled two accusers with claims that can not be meaningfully investigated out of the hope that they can abuse parlimentary procedure to prevent Trump from appointing any nominee to the Supreme Court before their much imagined and prayed for "blue wave" is supposed to hit the ballot box according to Pantsuit mythology. The first accuser is alleging drunken high school grope rape while the second, in a clear attemp to socially engineer a standard which could be levied to disqualify any college educated man from office, is alledging Kavanaugh drunkenly whipped his dick out at a college party as young men are inclined to do at least once during their collegiate careers.

During an election year in which Pantsuit is defending far more Senate seats than MAGA while running on the same platform of TrannyCoC and racial identity politics which, among other things helped to doom them in 2016.

Update: Avenatti has revealed an accuser.

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