Brit MMA Fans Cucked By Mammy State Into Watching Pig

British MMA fans tuned in to watch Bellator 206 this morning and were deprived of the opportunity to see the main event when Channel 5 switched off their feed and instead aired "Peppa Pig" (archived). Channel 5 insists they were mandated to make the switch due to Mammy state regulations against airing content with the wrong rating after 6am. The Mammy state governing Airstrip one further requires households with color televisions pay an annual license fee of more than 150 pound no longer sterling for having the ability to view over the air transmissions.

Bellator president Scott Coker announced his intention to prevent this issue in the future, reducing the length of events to accomodate the mammy state.

Pantsuit Drones Failing To Qualify For Pantsuit Loan Forgiveness Program

Numerous Pantsuit drones in the United States are hitting the hard reality of Pantsuit's empty promises as they are failing to qualify for a "public service" student loan debt relief program (archived). The plan initiated in 2007 was sold to aspirants as a way to limit the long term effect of their student loan debt. According to the program's marketing working in "public service" as a pantsuit drone while making reduced "income based" payments on their student loans for 10 years would lead to the balance of the debts being forgiven. Ten years later, who could have predicted that there would be other conditions and restrictions leading to 99% of the pantsuit drones seeking relief from qualifying after organizing a decade of their life around this Pantsuit promise. Who could have predicted the marketing was not the contract?

Power Rangers Inserted Inflation Bug Into "Core" Bitcoin Network Client in 2016

The Power Rangers introduced a coin inflation bug to their Bitcoin network client dubbed "Bitcoin Core" in 2016 by removing a check against double spending (archived). The bug was introduced by Matt Corallo (WoT: bluematt), advocated by Pieter Wuille (WoT: sipa), approved by Gregory Maxwell (WoT: gmaxwell) and MIT's Cory Fields, then merged by Wladimir van der Laan.

The reference Bitcoin network client maintained by the Bitcoin Foundation is unaffected by the bug introduced into the forked "Core" client.

Anti-Trump Wop Trolled Into Championing Fake Accuser, Troll Job Then Exposed

Wop anti-Trump attorney at lol Michael Avenatti was trolled into championing a fake accuser of Trump nominee Brett Kavanaugh only to have the troll job exposed (archived, archived). Before the troll job unravelled Avenatti was hounded by pantsuit media outlets because his alleged accuser had not gone through the proper pantsuit channel which involves being pulled out of Diane Feinstein's rolodex.

Since Trump nominated Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court, Pantsuit Senator Diane Feinstein has unveilled two accusers with claims that can not be meaningfully investigated out of the hope that they can abuse parlimentary procedure to prevent Trump from appointing any nominee to the Supreme Court before their much imagined and prayed for "blue wave" is supposed to hit the ballot box according to Pantsuit mythology. The first accuser is alleging drunken high school grope rape while the second, in a clear attemp to socially engineer a standard which could be levied to disqualify any college educated man from office, is alledging Kavanaugh drunkenly whipped his dick out at a college party as young men are inclined to do at least once during their collegiate careers.

During an election year in which Pantsuit is defending far more Senate seats than MAGA while running on the same platform of TrannyCoC and racial identity politics which, among other things helped to doom them in 2016.

Update: Avenatti has revealed an accuser.

On Bail Cody Wilson Surrenders Weapon Development Project To New Director "Active In Arts And Poetry Circles"

After being shipped back from Taiwan and making bail, 3D printing enthusiast Cody Wilson has surrendered control of his project Defense Distributed to Paloma Heindorff, who was previously the project's vice president. Mainstream outlet Conde Nast describes her background before Defense Distributed as having involved activity in poetry and the arts (archived). This leaves the 30 year old Wilson effectively confined while reducing this captors' liability for providing him with three hots and a cot.

The more compliant Linus Torvalds allowed himself to be pushed out of Linux kernel development by the slow trechery of an intersectional feminist daughter that may or may not be his.

Discontent In Zambia Over Chinese Investment

In recent days local media in Zambia has blown up over increasing discontent concerning China's investments in the country (archived, archived). China has been engaging in direct loans to the Zambian government outside of the "rules based" IMF system in exchange for the ability to develop Zambia's mineral deposits, primarily copper. The discussion appears to center around the unfairness of China receiving useful quantities of copper while Chinese made automobiles trickle into the Zambian market, though the likelihood of external agitation from "rules based" advocates is high enough to suggest this is probably not a purely indigenous outrage.

NYTimes Wrote Something About Stalled Rodney Rosenstein Coup Attempt Against Trump

In a piece published as part of their end of the week newsdump the NYTimes wrote a piece concerning Deputy US Attorney General Rodney Rosenstein's stalled coup attempt against US President Donald Trump (archived). According to the story after Rosenstein authored a memo recommending James Comey's firing Rosenstein solicited persons1 with access to the White House to surveil the president while Rosenstein himself would gaslight the president. Then according to the plan Rosenstein and conspirators would use recordings of a man reacting in anger to having been gaslit as evidence of "incapacity" and mount a coup from there.

Given the Pantsuit venue in which the report appeared, the plot appears to have been unsuccessful to the point its supporters had to escalate the gaslighting by collaborating with Pantsuit media to publish the plot, likely with critical details altered in order to bait the president into acting clumsily before he cements hold of the Senate in this fall's midterm elections. Earlier this month the NYTimes published a piece (archived) claiming to be from a Trump administration insider sabotaging President Trump's agenda from the inside. While the earlier piece is as likely to be fanfiction as it is the daydreams of a deskriding pantsuit manlet in a government office, the point of publishing these pieces is clearly to bait Trump into premature retaliation before the next congress is sworn in.

Make 4D Chess Great Again!

  1. According to the NYTimes piece members of the President's cabinet were named  

Rental Agency In Taiwan Breaks Rental Agreement After Receiving Deposit

Misfortune continues very publicly following Ghost Gunner Guy Cody Wilson as his effort to rent an apartment in Taiwan was thwarted by a rental agency which took his deposit and then reported him to local police presumably keeping the deposit in the process (archived). At the time Wilson was charged in Tavis County, Texas for crimes related to employing a sex worker he happened to have the fortune of incidentally being in Taiwan rather than the United States proper. Though Taiwan, the USG's unsinkable aircraft carrier, lacks an extradition treaty with the US there is a substantial likelihood Wilson will be deported to the US with the same effect should he interact with the local police.