USG Lawyer Changes Story In Appellate Trial, 7 Years After Case Started Working Through Courts

A lawyer representing the criminal organization calling itself the United States Government decided this week to newly assert that they "intercepted conversations abroad" that the fellow was having in a case that has already been working its way through courts for seven years (archived). During this time Agron Hasbajrami and his lawyers have been arguing that the USG conducted an illegal "backdoor search" to acquire a warrant, something the USG's counsel is now all but admitting to except with a sprinkle of magic foreign surveillance pixie dust.

Like the Ulbricht affair, like the FBI training 'terrorists' to give themselves wins in the press, and like the spurious attachement of imaginary 'money laundering' charges to any case offering them a chance to steal a bit of it… The USG can't be trusted to play by its own rulebook though it would be happy to throw it at you. And if really backed into a corner in its own courts, nothing is more reliable than the criminal cartel pleaing "Muh Foreign Policy!" and "Muh National Security!"

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