USG Lawyer Changes Story In Appellate Trial, 7 Years After Case Started Working Through Courts

A lawyer representing the criminal organization calling itself the United States Government decided this week to newly assert that they "intercepted conversations abroad" that the fellow was having in a case that has already been working its way through courts for seven years (archived). During this time Agron Hasbajrami and his lawyers have been arguing that the USG conducted an illegal "backdoor search" to acquire a warrant, something the USG's counsel is now all but admitting to except with a sprinkle of magic foreign surveillance pixie dust.

Like the Ulbricht affair, like the FBI training 'terrorists' to give themselves wins in the press, and like the spurious attachement of imaginary 'money laundering' charges to any case offering them a chance to steal a bit of it… The USG can't be trusted to play by its own rulebook though it would be happy to throw it at you. And if really backed into a corner in its own courts, nothing is more reliable than the criminal cartel pleaing "Muh Foreign Policy!" and "Muh National Security!"

New York 'Jewtropolis' Name Live On SnapChat, Zillow, Other Sites Briefly

Mapbox fed data rightfully labeling New York City 'Jewtropolis' to a number of online services including teen sexting app Snapchat and real estate advertising platform Zillow (archived). Mapbox takes crowdsourced and public mapping data then repackages it as a subscription service for internet services that don't mind New York occasionally being called 'Jewtropolis'.

Path To Intel Management Engine JTAG Discovered

Two gentlement associated with a firm calling itself "Positive Technologies" have documented a manner for acquiring JTAG access to the "Intel Management Engine" on a machine running an 'Apollo Lake' family Intel Celeron (archived). Their recipe involves creating a special debug mode dongle of the sort used for opening up other consumer devices. This has been a very rough year for Intel's marketing wank.

California Ends Cash Bail Consigning All To Merciless Rubric

California governor Jerry Brown ended today by signing a law which would end the practice of cash bail for arrested persons in California. Instead localities in California will be burdened with establishing agencies responsible for producing "risk assessments" and depending on the outcomes of the assesments, those committees would produce potential non-monetary conditions of release for "low-risk" offenders. Whether the accused has skin to put in the game and bet on their innocence with bail, California has chosen instead to surrender to tyrany of the community.

Paraguay National Police Find 42 Battle Rifles Swapped For Replicas

The National Police in Paraguay are reporting that 42 FN FAL battle rifles in their armory have been swapped for replicas (archived). During the Cold War the FN FAL was referred to as the "the right arm of the Free World" despite during that period having largely been used by colonial powers in efforts to impose their will on smaller groups that said "no". Firing a full power 7.62 mm cartridge the FN FAL enjoys a far greater effective range than the small bore reduced power arms branded "assault rifles" now favored by major state actors. At present the FN FAL is used in some role by non-state actors in every ongoing conflict with bleeding casualties that matters.

The replicas are reportedly made of wood.

USG Butthurt China Won't Share Samples Of H7N9 Flu Virus

Today the ongoing discontent of the criminal organization known as the United States Government over China's refusal to share samples H7N9 strain flu viruses frothed up in pantsuit publications (archived). H7N9 is an avian flu strain seen in 2013, and as with other avain strains there have been some number of homo sapiens that have fallen ill from the virus.

China's reluctance to share is understandable considering that shortly after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States a weaponized strain of anthrax cultivated by the United States Government was deployed in a manner that intentionally incited further terror within the United States itself. Trusting that same criminal organization which either negligently or complicitly allowed its bioweapons to be deployed in anger on its own soil with a potentially much more virulent pathogen would be simply irresponsible.

Divided Western Church Turns On Argentine Pope Over Child Molesting Forgiver Forgiveness

Numerous media outlets over the weekend began making a scandal out of Pope Francis's (Jesuit from Argentina) habit of extending mercy to high ranking officials of the Roman Church who themselves showed mercy to child molesters in their charge. Muted forms of this accusation have plagued Popes since the 1990's, but Francis finds himself in a vulnerable position after himself molesting the Roman Church and injecting it with more new poz than it has seen since the Vatican II debacle.

While it is too soon to predict an early end to the Argentine one-lunged wonder's papacy, this is the first time the mainstream pozz'd press has been pushed to criticize the man they once dubbed "Cool Pope" for his embrace of cultural marxism.

San Francisco To Pay Six Figure USD Compensation To Members Of Seperate Feces And Needle Clean Up Teams

In an attempt to address rampant street shitting and litter from intravenous drug use new San Francisco Mayor London Breed has approved hiring separate cleanup crew to address the problems (archived). Six new poop patrollers and ten needle pickers will be joining an existing crew of four needle pickers in an attempt to cover the city's 121.4 square kilometers. The specialist natures of the cleaning crews raises serious questions of the cost necessary to expand cleanliness to the whole city, especially when contrasted to other Western hemisphere cities like Montevideo which utilizes scheduled crews cleaning all types of messes to sweep Montevideo's 201 square kilometers while deep cultural pressures prevent the adoption of a street shitting norm.

USG Lich McCain Surrenders In War On Cancer Will Spend Rest of Days As Compliant Cancer POW [Update 8-25-2018: And he's dead]

The family of the soon to be late former Vietcong prisoner John McCain announced that the Arizona Senator has decided to stop seeking treatment for his brain cancer. Since announcing his brain cancer McCain has been absent from his duties in the US Senate as a captive of cancer. This is the latest in a long line of surrenders which have defined the elder lich's career as a Naval Aviator, Senator, and twice failing US Presidential candiate.

"Reality Winner" Gets 63 Month Prison Stay As Prize For Poor Leaking Hygiene

Reality Winner, a former NSA contract worker who made the mistake of leaking to Omidyar and Greenwald's honey trap The Intercept, has been sentenced to 63 months in prison after pleaing guilty. Reality Winner was identified through "anti-counterfeiting dots" which were helpfully preserved by The Intercept when they published pdf scans of the printed secrets she delivered to them.

Reality Winner will be spending her incarceration at Federal Medical Center, Carswell in Fort Worth, Texas at her own request. The length of the sentence is anomalously long for an unauthorized disclosure case. This demonstrates once again that a guilty plea is not a bargain.