Senegal And Akon Collaborate On A "Crypto Wakanda" Metropolis

R&B singer Akon is reportedly preparing to develop a city on 2,000 acres gifted to him by the President of Senegal, a country which was eliminated from World Cup competition under the fair play tiebreaker. Akon plans to center the economic activity of his city around an altcoin to be dubbed Akoin and designed to empower black youth. It remains to be seen how much suffering will be wrought by this humanitarian endeavor.

The Great Again Poised To Grab Courts By The Pussy For Decades

Yesterday the unreliable Anthony Kennedy announced he would be vacating his seat on the US Supreme Court on the same day he was the deciding vote in a decision to limit the monetary intake of politically active pantsuitist public employee unions. Kennedy's decision will allow US President Donald Trump the opportunity to fill a seat at the US Supreme Court for the second time in as many years.

The US Supreme Court seats most likely to become vacant next are those of the 85 year old Ruth Bader Ginsburg or the 79 year old Stephen Breyer, who wil be 91 and 86 respectively if they survive through the end of Trump's second term.

US Captures 35 Entrepreneurs In Coordinated Attack On Commerce

The US Department of "Justice" has announced their capture of 35 entrepreneurs for engaging in commerce while located within the borders of the evil empire (archived). The captured entrepreneurs made the common mistake of attempting to bring commerce to the USG operated tor network. This is not the first coordinated attack on "Darkweb" entrepreneurs, but this is the first to target individual vendors instead of marketplace operators.

Popular Centerist Dutch Newspaper Attacked With Flaming Van

The offices of De Telegraaf were attacked by a man with a van on fire (archived). Two attempts were made by the driver to achieve ingress to the office for his van. In the first "high speed" approach, the van was foiled by a glass wall. After the second attempt ended with a stalled van, the flames began as the driver fled. Despite probably failing to achieve the desired degree of penetration with the van, substantial fire damage was inflicted upon the building.

Australia Ramps Up Flight Security Theater With Powder Restrictions

After declaring a "terrorist plot" was foiled, travelers seeking air transport to an from of Australia will be subject to "enhanced" rules restricting the amount of powdered materials allowed in carry on baggage (archived). Travelers will be restricted to transporting 350 grams of inorganic powders. The new rules specifically mention snow globes and table salt as a example items containing now restricted inorganic powders. The alleged plot cited in the creation of these restrictions involved an "improvised device" denied entry at the flight check in desk by airline employees for a trip from Sydney to Abu Dhabi.

Amazon Adds Jury Option To Firing Process

Jeff Bezos' Walmart and Google competitor Amazon has introduced a "coworker jury" system to their firing process. As an alternative to the existing options of eating the pink slip while severance pay is still on the table or accepting more stringent performance goals, Amazon employees can argue their case against their immediate managers in front of a panel composed of their peers one or three Amazon managers over video conference.

The move hailed as "putting an Amazon spin on the Union greviance process" in the early going has delivered the Amazonions a less than 30% success rate and an entirely new fountain of resentments to drink from.

US Supreme Courts Mentions But Does Not Influence Bitcoin – Covetous Bryer Abuses Language Suggesting Taxman Steal A Bit More

Bitcoin has been mentioned for the first time in the US Supreme court decision 'Wisconsin Central Ltd. v. United States' on the the Railroad Retirement Tax Act of 1937 (archived). In a decision which determined that stock options are not cash compensation, Stephen Breyer dissented and attempted to weasel that stock options are equivalent to cash with:

Does a stock option received by an employee (along with, say, a paycheck) count as a “form”—some form, “any form”—of “money remuneration?” The railroads, as the majority notes, believe they can find the answer to this question by engaging in (and winning) a war of 1930’s dictionaries. I am less sanguine. True, some of those dictionaries say that “money” primarily refers to currency or promissory documents used as “a medium of exchange.” See ante, at 2–3. But even this definition has its ambiguities. A railroad employee cannot use her paycheck as a “medium of exchange.” She cannot hand it over to a cashier at the grocery store; she must first deposit it. The same is true of stock, which must be converted into cash and deposited in the employee’s account before she can enjoy its monetary value. Moreover, what we view as money has changed over time. Cowrie shells once were such a medium but no longer are, see J. Weatherford, The History of Money 24 (1997); our currency originally included gold coins and bullion, but, after 1934, gold could not be used as a medium of exchange, see Gold Reserve Act of 1934, ch. 6, §2, 48 Stat. 337; perhaps one day employees will be paid in Bitcoin or some other type of cryptocurrency, see F. Martin, Money: The Unauthorized Biography— From Coinage to Cryptocurrencies 275–278 (1st Vintage Books ed. 2015). Nothing in the statute suggests the meaning of this provision should be trapped in a monetary time warp, forever limited to those forms of money commonly used in the 1930’s.

The single mention of the word 'Bitcoin' has generated substantial headlines, but the real story here is how far Breyer is willing to go in an effort to help the criminal gang in Washington DC pick a few more pockets.

Clinton Through Obama Era 'Family Separation' Policy Ended By Trump Executive Order

Today US President Donald Trump ended a Bill Clinton era policy separating children from their adult family members when those adults are determined to have been entering the United States without legal authorization (archived). Since a 1997 settlement entered into by the Clinton administration disallowed holding children in "immigration jails" for more than 20 days, children have been separated from their families and moved to separate facilities run by the US Department of "Health and Human Services". Those facilities for detaining children while jail-like are simply not called "immigration jails" to comply with terms of the settlement.

In the past weeks this 21 year old policy decision undone today by President Trump's executive order has becoming an increasingly loud propaganda point for pansuitist social engineers that painted the Bill Clinton family separation policy as a Trump policy.

As a result of Trump's executive order children will still be detained, but with their families. In facilities that thanks to the 1997 settlement are still likely to be referred to as something other as "immigration jails".