Wife Initiated Pantsuit Code Of Conduct Hypocrisy Leads To LLVM Developer Departure

LLVM developer Rafael Avila de Espindola has quit the project after the "community" adopted a regressive code of conduct and promptly began partnering with discriminatory1 organizations in violation of that same code of conduct (archived). A fellow LLVM contributor recognizing the hypocrisy offered:

What kind of idiot thinks hundreds of millions of highly diverse people (ethnically, religiously, culturally) can all be unfairly privileged at once? There's something disgustingly racist about the idea that white people are so awesome as to never have conflicts with each other.

Mealy mouthed LLVM creator Chris Lattner offered the following in defense of his wife's decision to have the LLVM Foundation partner with an organization openly discriminating against Whites and Asians:

I am definitely sad to lose Rafael from the LLVM project, but it is critical to the long term health of the project that we preserve an inclusive community.

  1. The cited organization denies opportunities to North American Whites and Asians and denies opportunities to normal-gendered men internationally.  

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