Italy: Pro-EU President Faces Impeachment Over Coalition Killing Veto

Italian President President Sergio Mattarella faces the threat of impeachment after sabotaging a coalition government negociated between the Five Star Movement and The League. Mattarella vetoed the appointment of Euroskeptic Paolo Savona as finance minister even though Euroskepticism was the driving force behind the populist electoral victory (archived). In defense of this affront to Italian Democracy Mattarella offered:

"I asked for… an authoritative person from the parliamentary majority who is consistent with the government programme… who isn't seen as a supporter of a line that could probably, or even inevitably, provoke Italy's exit from the euro"

How much more suffering under Mother Merkel's Fourth Reich will Italians tolerate?

One thought on “Italy: Pro-EU President Faces Impeachment Over Coalition Killing Veto

  1. Fun fact: Paolo Savona was the former CEO of Euklid; he resigned just a few days after his name began to circulate.
    From their About page:

    "Euklid is the new way to manage savings and investments through thousands of different algorithms with the following characteristics:

    • objective, because they are based on concrete data processed with Artificial Intelligence technologies;

    • transparent and secure, because it’s based on blockchain a technology which lies at the heart of Bitcoin time stamp and encryption system, that guarantees clients a constant monitoring and an absolute certainty that nobody can manipulate his account;

    • fair, because the managers of Euklid-fintech’s service earn only if clients have returns."

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