US Supreme Court Waffles In Face Of Patent Mess

The US Supreme Court today issued a decision allowing the local Patent and Trademark Office to continue administratively revoking awarded patents without involving the legal system (archived). As these patents allocate a form of franchise right, in a consistent and just system the bar to revoking these rights would require a contest meeting a high standard. But this is the US Copyrast regime.

The current system has patent franchise permissively awarded on loose review by lowest common denominator civil servants. As a consequence the office has awarded numerous patents without any actual innovation feeding the copyrast beast. This has left the system clogged with many dubious franchise "rights" yet, rather than hold the Patent bureacrats to task for their mess by burning the whole copyrast regime down the court is allowing the lulziest outcome. One where the Patent Office gets to conveniently sweep away portions of the mess it outputs while continuing to further trivialize whatever notions of property and rights remain in the US.

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