4 thoughts on “Failed Millenial Boxer Beats Bus With Barricade

  1. Shouldn't this be posted in "Africa"?

  2. This is a long term strategy by McGregor. Just a way to stay relevant without fighting and have his own schedule, and it is obviously working.
    McGregor owns the UFC, he can get away with this and fight again. He's going to lure Mayweather into an MMA rematch for the highest paying fight ever, and he will realize he has fucked up by the time he is locked in the cage with Conor.

    Just like everyone talking shit about McGregor online is smart enough to stay quiet in real life, Mayweather will realize he should have stood on his lane, retired, enjoying his millions and his whores, instead of attempting to back up words in a real fight. World class boxing experience will simply not be enough to save you. But by then, it will already be over.

    Deluded keyboard warriors without no MMA experience will argue otherwise.

    • This is what Manny Paquiao's people thought. They held out hope, but Mayweather wasn't having it. If he comes out of retirement for another spectacle it will probably be to fight Brock Lesnar in a catch weight boxing match.

      Mayweather won, McGregor's slow motion breakdown is his own doing and not Mayweather's problem.

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