Australian Austrian Government Pursues Critics As "Racketeering Organization"

The Austrian government has begun taking racketeering actions in an effort to supress critics from the local Identitarian movement (archived). Austrian police have raided homes while seizing property and electronics from critics, and in an act of irony is attempting to justify their own organized, criminal racketeering actions by charging the Identitarian activists as though the activist victims are the ones running a criminal racket.

German "Antisemitism" Kaiser Unsurprised By Jewish Desire For New Exodus

Felix Klein, newly appointed by Mother Merkel's Government as a envoy to "handle" Germany's freshly imported Jew hate, offered his thoughts on the phenomenon (archived):

It is quite understandable that those who are scared for the safety of their children would consider leaving Germany. I hear this from my own Jewish friends. But we must do everything to avoid that.

There is no word yet on whether Klein, Merkel, or others are considering bringing back exit visa requirements as part of that everything.

Chilean State Bank And Chilean Branch Of Itau Suffer Pre-Trial Loss Against Local Bitcoin Exchange Over Account Closures

Banco del Estado de Chile and the Chileño branch of Brasilero Banking titan Itaú have been ordered to reopen accounts for local Bitcoin exchange after the later sued over losing access to traditional fiat side financial services following account closures. The Chileño "Free Market Court" ruled that closing the accounts was premature and's accounts with the banks must remain open until the lawsuit concludes.

Handicapped by Pacific coastline, earthquakes, and mountains which make building adequate Internet connectivity a challenge, Chile has resorted to other strategies in an attempt to remain economically relevant in our future.

Even "Locked" Microsoft Windows Computers Vulerable to BSOD Crash On USB Insertion

Code has been published which will induce an iconic "Blue Screen Of Death" crash on running Microsoft Windows installations (archived). The vulnerability lives in Window's handling of filesystems in Microsoft's own NTFS format, and can be triggered by inserting a USB drive with an exploit triggering NFTS filesystem into a running Windows computer, even if it is "locked" without any active users logged in.

While this particular trigger for the crash behavior appears to have been patched in recent Windows 10 builds, it likely lives on with a slightly more guarded trigger. It definitely lives on in an unknown number of surviving embedded Windows XP and Windows 7 installations.

Tick Tock Still Dead – Intel Remains Stalled Out At 14 nm Node Process Another Year

Reports are emerging that Intel is once again delaying its move from a 14 nm to 10 nm node process (archived) and the firm's once steady tick tock rhythm is still dead. The firm claims to be shipping some 10 nm parts this year for select customers, but yield issues are stalling mass production until at least 2019. Intel initially planned to ship 10 nm parts in 2016.

Shitware Today: China Toying With US Style Extraterritorial Jurisdiction

China has begun dipping its toes into the evils of extraterritorial jurisdiction pioneered by the USG. China's Civil Aviation Administration has begun issuing letters demanding that businesses follow Chinese anti-separatism laws and cease distinguishing between mainland China, special administrative divisions like Hong Kong and Macau, and territories including Formosa1 not yet under the Beiing government's control (archived).

  1. Also known as Taiwan and the Republic of China  

Kanye Makes Pantsuit Media Headlines While Outlets Refuse To Acknowledge Growing Hotep Movement

Recently the mainstream Pantsuit media has been making a lot of noise about the "Dragon Energy" Kim Kardashian's husband Kanye West1 shares with US President Donald Trump. While Pantsuit has been casting Kanye's latest barrage of support for Trump as anomalous or a harbringer of a personal breakdown, they have been ignoring the existence of the larger black nationalist conservative Hotep movement of which Kanye is a part (archived).

The hotep ideology is a shiv to the "everybody but white men" diversity dream of the pantsuits. Patriarchical, anti-immigrant, afro-supremacist, and memeable. Claiming Alexander Crummel, Marcus Garvey, and others as intellectual forerunners while melding Nation of Islam mythos with comic book history; hotep ideas are common in black US prison graduates and the black American working class.

Why won't pantsuit media talk about their own goal? The one where USG.Disney released a blockbuster film two months ago based on a comic soaked in Hotep ideology than two months later released a blockbuster morality tale where the Hotep "We iz kangz" paradise is devastated for their choice to trust and stand with white "allies" in favor of the pantsuit agenda?

  1. During B Hussein Obama's first term Kanye published a rap with the following, clearly reactionary and Hotep aligned lyrics:

    Us living as we do upside down
    And the new word to have is revolution
    People don't even want to hear the preacher
    Spill or spiel because God's whole card has been thoroughly piqued
    And America is now blood and tears instead of milk and honey
    The youngsters who were programmed to continue
    Fucking up woke up one night digging
    Paul Revere and Nat Turner as the good guys
    America stripped for bed and we had not all yet closed our eyes
    The signs of truth were tattooed across her often entered vagina
    We learned to our amazement untold tale of scandal
    Two long centuries buried in the musty vault
    Hosed down daily with a gagging perfume
    America was a bastard, the illegitimate daughter of the mother country
    Whose legs were then spread around the world
    And a rapist known as freedom, free doom
    Democracy, liberty, and justice were revolutionary code names that preceded
    The bubbling bubbling bubbling bubbling bubbling
    In the mother country's crotch
    What does Webster say about soul?
    All I want is a good home and a wife
    And a children and some food to feed them every night
    After all is said and done build a new route to China if they'll have you
    Who will survive in America?
    Who will survive in America?
    Who will survive in America?
    Who will survive in America?


Small Town School Board Faces Heat Over "Inaccessible" Second Floor Locker Room

The O'fallon, Illinois schoolboard faces the prospect of being compelled to either build an elevator or tear down an outbuilding attached to their baseball field (archived). The problem according to higher pantsuits is that an originally unfinished space behind the structure's press booth was converted into a locker room for student athletes on the school's baseball team without any provision for accessibility by wheelchair users to the locker room.

German Jews Warned To Wear Alternate Headgear To Avoid Violence

Members of Germany's Jewish population are being warned to avoid wearing the traditional kippah cap in favor of alternative headcoverings (archived). The rise in anti-Jewish violence appears to be tied to increasing immigration and diversity with Arabic speaking Germans presenting the greatest threat to streetwalking Jews. This not the first time Jews in Germany have been subject to escalating violence, but the move from German speaking Germans to Arabic speaking Germans as aggressors this century brings new energy to an old meme.

US Supreme Court Waffles In Face Of Patent Mess

The US Supreme Court today issued a decision allowing the local Patent and Trademark Office to continue administratively revoking awarded patents without involving the legal system (archived). As these patents allocate a form of franchise right, in a consistent and just system the bar to revoking these rights would require a contest meeting a high standard. But this is the US Copyrast regime.

The current system has patent franchise permissively awarded on loose review by lowest common denominator civil servants. As a consequence the office has awarded numerous patents without any actual innovation feeding the copyrast beast. This has left the system clogged with many dubious franchise "rights" yet, rather than hold the Patent bureacrats to task for their mess by burning the whole copyrast regime down the court is allowing the lulziest outcome. One where the Patent Office gets to conveniently sweep away portions of the mess it outputs while continuing to further trivialize whatever notions of property and rights remain in the US.