Attendees Drugged At Brock Pierce Linked Event

At a New York conference nominally about "cryptos" attendees reported being drugged en mass after consuming ambiguously labeled items from the menu that were infused with cannabis extracts (archived). The adventurous caterer allegedly went beyond the traditional drug infused desert items and managed to drug menu items as varied as hot sauce, cocktails, and olives while a DJ was spinning "electronic dance music" throughout the event. This appears to have been a very Amir Taaki effort on the part of the event's organizers.

3 thoughts on “Attendees Drugged At Brock Pierce Linked Event

  1. Who smokes the blunts, we smoke the blunts!

    Who smokes the Brock, think of the Children!

  2. So did Brock pierce dat shell of anonimity yet or still notrly ?

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