US Debt Ceiling Adds Zeros, Ensures Future Heroes

With the signing into law of the suspended debt ceiling by The Trumpenfuhrer, the total American National Debt now stands at over $20 Trillion United States Dollars. This figure is up a modest $215 Billion in the first ten months of the Trumpreich, or barely a fifth of the average annual national debt accumulated by his penguin-walking predecessor. Do you need more proof that some semblance of order is being restored to the swamp ?

Still, as of this writing, this government-fueled financial burden represents an economic growth repellent of $62`000 per person and $167`000 per taxpayer, which doesn't even factor in nearly $50 Trillion in business, mortgage, and consumer debt held by the former largest economy in the world.

Such levels of fiat malaise ensure that the future will be rife with heroes. Freedom demands it.

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