St Louis Aldermen Pass Resolution Honoring Late Heroin Trafficker

Today the Saint Louis, Missouri board of Aldermen unanimously passed a resolution honoring the life of slain Heroin dealer Anthony Lamar Smith. Smith died following a high speed police chase which ended when he menaced a beat cop by flashing his firearm, an action which lead to the heroin dealer's slaying in an act that was found at trial to not have been murder. Smith's slaying was unremarkable until the Ferguson riots which followed the self defense killing of Michael Brown Jr. emboldened hate groups to perpetuate terror under the names of increasingly less sympathetic figures.

The terrorists campaigning to maximize their economic damage to Saint Louis have begun undertaking actions outside the city of Saint Louis, with action planned in Belleville over the coming weekend. An action in Belleville would be the second on the Illinois side of the river, following this past weekend's still unsolved casino robbery.

Heroin and other opiate drug overdoses are the leading cause of death among white Americans under 50. The Aldermanic resolution honoring the deceased anti-white race warrior is presented in full below:

Anthony Lamar Smith
WHEREAS, Anthony Lamar Smith was born to Annie Denise Smith on May 19, 1987 in Saint Louis
Missouri at St. Louis Regional Medical Center. Anthony was the first born child of Mrs. Smith. He had
three siblings; Antonio Lavell Johnson Junior, Antwane Lamarco Johnson, Trevin De'Andre Johnson.
Anthony and his brothers enjoyed playing sports with other neighborhood children; and
WHEREAS, Anthony attended Wesley House Association, Ashland Elementary, Farragut Elementary,
Beaumont High, Roosevelt High School. He continued his education informally by feeding his love for
reading books, traveling and making connections with local artist and musicians; and
WHEREAS, Anthony won many awards and trophies for his participation in sports at The St. Louis Boy's
Club. He spent many days at the center playing football, basketball, swimming and racquet ball. He was
well liked by his employer's, coaches and elders.
WHEREAS, Anthony gained employment at a local McDonald's restaurant as an assistant cashier
working under the direction of his mother, Mrs. Annie Smith; and
WHEREAS, Anthony's dream was to become an artist and a professional clothing designer. He loved
children and was looking forward to the positive life changes he was making in order to begin working with
underserved children in his community. His love of the arts convinced him to change his life course so that
he could accomplish his goals; and
WHEREAS, regrettably Anthony Lamar Smith lost his life on December 20 2011. His death has sparked a
universal cry for justice and accountability throughout the City of St. Louis.
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Aldermen of the City of St. Louis that we
pause in our deliberations to remember Anthony Lamar Smith and we further direct the Clerk of this Board
to spread a copy of this Resolution across the minutes of these proceeding and to prepare a memorial copy
to the end that it may be presented at a time and place deemed appropriate by the Sponsor.
Introduced this 22nd day of September, 2017 by:
The Honorable John Collins-Muhammad, Alderman 21 st Ward
The Honorable Lewis E. Reed, President of the Board of Aldermen
The Honorable Sharon Tyus, Alderwoman 1 st Ward
The Honorable Brandon Bosley, Alderman 3 rd Ward
The Honorable Samuel L. Moore, Alderman 4 th Ward
The Honorable Tammika Hubbard, Alderwoman 5 th Ward
The Honorable Christine Ingrassia, Alderwoman 6 th Ward
The Honorable John J. Coatar, Alderman 7 th Ward
The Honorable Stephen Conway, Alderman 8 th Ward
The Honorable Dan Guenther, Alderman 9 th Ward
The Honorable Joseph Vollmer, Alderman 10 th Ward
The Honorable Sarah Wood Martin, Alderman 11 th Ward
The Honorable Larry Arnowitz, Alderman 12 th Ward
The Honorable Beth Murphy, Alderwoman 13 th Ward
The Honorable Carol Howard, Alderwoman 14 th Ward
The Honorable Megan E.Green, Alderwoman 15 th Ward
The Honorable Thomas Oldenburg, Alderwoman 16 th Ward
The Honorable Joseph Roddy, Alderman 17 th WardThe Honorable Terry Kennedy, Alderman 18 th Ward
The Honorable Marlene E. Davis, Alderwoman 19 th Ward
The Honorable Cara Spencer, Alderwoman 20 th Ward
The Honorable Jeffrey L. Boyd, Alderman 22 nd Ward
The Honorable Joe Vaccaro, Alderman 23 rd Ward
The Honorable Scott Ogilvie, Alderman 24 th Ward
The Honorable Shane Cohn, Alderman 25 th Ward
The Honorable Frank Williamson, Alderman 26 th Ward
The Honorable Pam Boyd, Alderwoman 27 th Ward
The Honorable Heather B. Navarro, Alderwoman 28 th Ward
Adopted this 22nd day of September, 2017 as attested by:


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