US President Trump Issues His First Executive Pardon

Elected US President Donald Trump issued the first pardon of his presidency to former Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The 85 year old had been convicted this summer in federal court of misdemeanor contempt for taking a stand for actual federalism over the "federal" government. With Arpaio's sentencing scheduled for October and the possibility that Sheriff Joe could have effectively been sentenced to die in prison for a misdemeanor due to his advanced age, President Donald Trump compassionately used his constitutionally unlimited power of the pardon to relieve Sheriff Joe.

Fake News commentators are already calling this exercise of a Presidential power specifically enumerated in the US Constitution as "An unconstitutional attack on the judiciary".

One thought on “US President Trump Issues His First Executive Pardon

  1. What CNigNig is highlighting:

    The pardon is the first of Trump's presidency, though he did not follow his predecessors' practice of consulting with lawyers at the Justice Department before announcing his decision.
    "This is the President's pardon," a source with knowledge of the decision said.
    Under the Constitution, Trump is permitted wide leeway in issuing pardons. There are no requirements for consultation within the administration before a decision is announced.
    "The President exercised his lawful authority and we respect his decision," said Ian Prior, a Justice Department spokesman.

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