Boston Free Speech Rally Quashed By Pro-Censorship Forces, Pickup Truck Bed Flag Index Climbs

A rally in support of Free Speech set to happen in Boston was cancelled today after pro censorship terrorists massed in opposition to the rally. After antifa terrorists attacked a similar rally in Charlottesville, Virginia; organizers of the Boston event distanced themselves from the Charlottesville event organized by former Obama For America activist Jason Kessler. This denunciation seemed to embolden the forces of leftist terrorists with ~30,000 marching against free speech in Boston today.

Meanwhile outside of coastal pantsuit strongholds, the Pickup Truck Bed Flag1 index is nearing the all time high set on the night of May 2nd, 2011 after Osama Bin Laden's death was announced. The PTBF is an indicator of acute political interest among rural, conservative2 Americans. This latest increase differs from the 2011 run up in that 2011's peak featured the flag of the occupying Union government forces nearly exclusively. Now the Union flag is losing substantial truck bed share to the Gadsden flag suggestion a more aggressively rebellious posture on the part of rural Americans.

  1. abbreviated PTBF  

  2. i.e. Real  

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