US Entertainer Kid Rock Takes Aim At Pantsuit Senator's Job

Pantsuit Michigan senator Debbie Unstablenow sent out a panicked email to her supporters addressing her worries regarding Kid Rock's announcement that he will run for Michigan senator on the Republican ticket.

"We don’t know if this is real or a publicity stunt, but after Donald Trump’s surprising win last year, we need to act fast."

Robert Richie, the patriotic rockstar who is fed up with all the bastards at the I.R.S. and the crooked cops and the cluttered desks, has confirmed his candidacy. Pantsuit's track record against popular entertainers hasn't been very good.

3 thoughts on “US Entertainer Kid Rock Takes Aim At Pantsuit Senator's Job

  1. As a Michigander, I must say I would be happy to see him beat her. I don't know anything about his politics, but I can say I don't like Stabenow much. She is your typical pant-suit liberal. I can't name a single interesting thing she has done in the 17 years she has been in the senate. Time for a fresh face.

  2. My friend just opened a little boutique in downtown Midland. She had a grand opening party yesterday, and Debbie Stabenow showed up. That was nice of the senator to be supportive of a new small business, but I am still not going to vote for her at the next election.

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