Entertainment Today: Pantsuit Legislators Propose Attacking Idea Of Presidency

US legislators associated with the pantsuit party "proposed" a bill that would establish an "Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity" which would establish a committee to offer non-binding determinations that the President is insufficiently pantsuit to hold the office. This proposal is a compliment to the ongoing 25th amendment  fanfic where pantsuit acolytes suppose a constitutional rule historically used only with the president's consent when the president is anaesthetized for surgery or otherwise in mortal peril, begin to be invoked because a committee of pantsuit says so.

The bill allow for the committee to make its recommendations based of vague criteria of physical or mental illness,1 substance abuse, or other concerns.

Given pantsuit's ongoing malaise and failure to win congressional elections, the chances of this proposal passing before the next mid term election, is zero and even a reversal of pantsuit's electoral fortunes is unlikely to be substantial to the point that pantsuit could capture the supermajority of both legislative houses still necessary, even with this proposed lawl, to remove a President before the 8 year Trumpreich ends. The plausibility of this fanfic is near zero.

  1. Mental illness being a category of things that includes numerous amorphous pseudo-scientifically determined labels which may be attached to enemies of pantsuit alongside actual disabling conditions with clear diagnostic criteria like schizophrenia.  

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